RK loves her. SRK loves her. So will you.

During the eighties, a talented youth from Delhi started his acting career through TV serials and got popular through serials like Fauji and Circus. Then he got a break in the Hindi movie industry established in Mumbai (then Bombay) which was his ultimate aim. Popular heroine turned producer Hema Malini signed him for her first directorial venture which was titled as Dil Aashna Hai casting him opposite a very young girl who had already become a star in her own right. This girl was Divya Bharti and this boy was Shah Rukh Khan now fondly called as SRK in the cine-world.

However prior to Dil Aashna Hai (1992), another movie signing these two got released first and is now credited as Shah Rukh Khan’s debut movie. It’s Deewana (1992). Thus despite Dil Aashna Hai being Shah Rukh Khan’s first signed movie, Deewana became his first released movie. Cast opposite very pretty and extremely popular teenager Divya Bharti only, Shah Rukh Khan is an angle of this triangular love story. Another angle has been played by extremely popular romantic hero of Bollywood movies – Rishi Kapoor who had already touched the peak of his career by the time of this movie. Thus this movie stars RK, Divya and SRK in principal roles. Directed by Raj Kanwar, it was a box office hit and its music composed by Nadeem Shravan was even a bigger hit with the songs being hummed by the romantic ones even today. It has deficiencies in the script and its picturization but its pluses especially the great music appeal and the extra-ordinary performances make up for them.Deewana-1992-500x500

The story of Deewana (crazy) starts with the romance of Ravi (Rishi Kapoor) who is a popular singer and from a very rich family with Kaajal (Divya Bharti) who is a dancer. They get married and start living happily when the trouble strikes due to the greedy and scheming uncle of Ravi – Dheerendra Prataap (Amrish Puri) who masterminds the killing of Ravi, leaving Kaajal as widow, adjusting with her life with the support of her loving mother-in-law – Laksmi Devi (Sushma Seth). Now comes the main twist in the tale.

Relocated to another city with Lakshmi Devi, Kaajal comes across a happy-go-lucky youth Raaja (Shah Rukh Khan) and despite her reluctance to marry, she finally gets married to him, succumbing to his true love for her and the pressure of her mother-in-law who wants her very young daughter-in-law to live a normal life again. Gradually the things start getting normalized for Kaajal when the cruel joke of destiny comes to the fore.

Ravi returns alive after struggling between life and death for a very long time. He becomes Raaja’s friend but is shocked to find his wife Kaajal as Raaja’s wife now. Kaajal is virtually dumbfound to find her first husband (and the first love of her life as well) as alive. This new fact is so baffling and brings such a storm in Kaajal’s life that Lakshmi Devi can’t even rejoice the return of the only son of hers. How this puzzle of life can be resolved now for all these three protagonists ? The solution can be utterly filmy only with the villains roaming around, smelling the main characters like blood-hounds.

This story of Saagar Sarhadi is good but its presentation on the screen is not that great. Sometimes, too many good songs also become a problem because they are to be adjusted in the script, creating situations for them. That is one reason for the lacklustre narrative. Besides, the director (Raj Kanwar) also could not do justice to the story and a proper balance between the screen time of the three main characters could not be ensured.1625-Deewana (1992)Still if we are able to enjoy the movie, then it is because of two things. Firstly, the music composed by Nadeem Shravan is extra-ordinary. Sochenge Tumhen Pyar Karen Ki Nahin, Teri Ummeed Tera Intezaar Karte Hain, Paayaliya Ho Ho Ho, Aisi Deewaangee Dekhi Nahin Kahin Maine, Koi Na Koi Chaahiye Pyar Karne Waala, Teri Isi Ada Pe Sanam Humko To Pyar Aaya, Tere Dard Se Dil Aabaad Raha: every song is a treat to listen to. Kumar Sanu, Vinod Rathod, Alka Yagnik and Saadhana Sargam have given their voices to these enchanting songs. To be frank, many of these songs hinder the flow of the story but the quality of music (and choreography also) alongwith the lyrics (by Sameer) is so good that they are, in fact, a solid reason to watch this movie.40d73dcf82d38ceeafbd83830f4ba3aeSecondly, the performances of the lead characters are simply superb. Rishi Kapoor has always been considered a great actor and he has done his part well here also. Despite the significant age difference, his pair with Divya Bharti appears quite lovely. Shah Rukh Khan has proved in this first big screen appearance of himself that he’s the horse of a long race. He has displayed his sentiments with commendable control of expressions. And finally, it’s Divya Bharti who is the heart and soul of this movie, dazzling in an author-backed role. Barely 18 years old at the time of this movie, she is so charming that this movie can be watched many times for herself only. The supporting cast including the negative characters, is routine.Deewana 1992 Hindi DVDRip 480p 400mbTechnically, the movie is alright. Dialog, background score, action and thrills, cinematography and art direction; almost everything is satisfactory. Several scenes are a visual treat. Length is definitely on the higher side and should have been curtailed.rsz_photogrid_1441430239943Divya Bharti passed away (it’s said that she committed suicide) at the tender age of 19 years in 1993, rendering a permanent throb to the hearts of millions of her admirers including myself. If not for the dashing heroes, if not for the memorable music and if not for the entertainment contained; please do watch this movie for the sake of the very beautiful Divya Bharti. In this movie Rishi Kapoor loves her, Shah Rukh Khan loves her, so will you.

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11 Responses to RK loves her. SRK loves her. So will you.

  1. sandomina says:

    Oh, you really dugout something from the past.

    Do read my latest, part-breaking article:
    Warm regards.

  2. Love watching Koi Na Koi Chaahiye Pyar Karne Waala song. Used to love it as a kid because it showed the city and also love it now because of the nostalgia. Lovely post.

  3. Suman Shakya says:

    Pretty agreed with your views on “Deewana”…. the production values were good else the story is very cliched and routine. For me “Darr” was one of the finest movies by SRK in his earlier years.

  4. Induchhibber says:

    Saw this movie recently. It is very entertaining no doubt. Pity about Divya.

  5. Rekha Sahay says:

    I have seen both the movies and loved them, as they were based on social issues.
    Hema Malini directed Dil Aashna Hai was based on the stigma of un married mother and it’s sad result.
    Similarly Deewana was based on widow re marriage and it’s twist. Divya was a talented actress but it’s sad that she died so early.
    As always, movie review is very interesting Jitendra ji.

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