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The pain of being lonely but not alone

Pachpan Khambhe Laal Deewaarein (fifty-five pillars and red walls) is a classic piece of Hindi literature authored by renowned Hindi authoress – Usha Priyamvada in 1972. This novel has been a much talked-about one in the Indian literary circles and … Continue reading

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The ankle-bells symbolizing a courtesan’s fate

Ghunghroo was released in 1983. It is a movie made under the banner of Prakash Mehra but directed by Prakash Mehra’s assistant Ram Sethi who is better known for doing comedy roles in his movies. The movie was a flop … Continue reading

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Make in India vs. Made in India

There has been a noise of ‘Make in India’ all over for quite some time. The honorable premier of India is chanting this mantra time and again before his countrymen as well as the others. However it appears that his … Continue reading

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A holiday for murder

Mystery-queen Agatha Christie’s certain novels have been published under more than one title. One such novel is ‘Hercule Poirot’s Christmas‘ which has also been published under two more titles – one is ‘Murder for Christmas‘ and another is ‘A Holiday … Continue reading

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Sachin and Anjali : The power of love converting good to great

During the spring of 1990, a seventeen years old teenager boy Sachin Tendulkar happened to meet Anjali Mehta, a 22 years old medical student and the daughter of a seven time national bridge champion – Anand Mehta. The first meeting … Continue reading

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An old movie still relevant

Mere Apne (1971) is a movie not only contemporary but can well be described as ahead of its time because the issues portrayed in it are relevant even today, after more than four decades. The movie can be described as outstanding, … Continue reading

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The movie is good but the novel is better

Whenever any movie is made on the basis of some novel or story, the comparisons between the written version and the celluloid version are inevitable. Sometimes, the viewers find the movie to be better than the written piece of work … Continue reading

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