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Zindagi Zinda Dili Ka Naam Hai . . .

Zindagi Zinda Dili Ka Naam Hai, Murda Dil Kya Khaak Jiya Karte Hain (life is the name of never-say-die spirit, what the hell do the dead-hearts live). These are the lines I have read and listened to several times. What … Continue reading

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Singing experiences of a non-singer

I have been a music lover since my childhood. Since my mother had learnt music properly in her bachelorhood and a harmonium had come to our home alongwith her as a part of her dowry, she wanted me also to … Continue reading

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The only horror movie very close to my heart

I don’t like watching horror movies at all. Despite being a movie buff, this is one kind of movies which I always prefer to avoid. Still there is a horror movie which I like to watch again and again and … Continue reading

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Sharing of common pain and loneliness on Christmas

Bada Din (big day) is the term in the Indian lingo for Christmas. This term was perhaps coined in the British India, by the Indian subjects of the Firangi Saheb Log who called the day celebrated by their Sahebs as … Continue reading

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The betrothed

Among the non-Hindi and non-English novelists, if there’s an author whose works have effortlessly conquered my heart, then it’s Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, the legendary Bangla author. Somewhere else, I have¬†asserted that Sarat Babu’s novels are even more sacrosanct than the … Continue reading

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Journey is more pleasant than the destination

Life of human-beings is a journey and if continued with enthusiasm and optimism, it can be and must be more pleasant than the destination. Hindi movies have given several good songs related to journey which are full of enthusiasm, optimism … Continue reading

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He cannot see a damsel in distress

Once the brain-child of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – Sherlock Holmes had gained such a popularity among his readers that letters used to come at his declared residence of Baker Street, London. A similar kind of thing happened with the … Continue reading

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