I know it through personal experience

I had always harboured a desire in my heart to live in Udaipur, the City of Lakes which had been fascinating me since my childhood (it still fascinates me). In 1993, my employing company (the JK Group) acquired a cement manufacturing unit from the Bajaj Group and as a part of the purchase proceedings, I was sent to Udaipur and I remained there for around 15 days in the guest house, visiting the city in between and meeting my relatives there. My desire to live in Udaipur which had got suppressed over the years somewhere in my subconscious, got rekindled again. I started thinking that if my employers shifted me to this unit (whose owners they had become), then I would be able to live in the city I loved like anything. However it did not happen. The desire continued to remain in my heart though. After five years, in 1998, when I was desperately in search of a job after my attempt to become an ICS officer did not materialize and I was finding it very difficult to get a job because of non-availability of openings in companies in that period of acute depression, I got appointment to work in the same unit at Udaipur. I was offered a quarter in the residential colony near the factory which I did not accept because it was more than 20 kilometers away from the city and instead, preferred to get House Rent Allowance from the company. I rented a small accommodation in the city (going to work by the company bus everyday) and my dream to live in the city finally came true. Though I could spend there just a bit more than one year there, the fact remains nevertheless that my long-cherished dream had finally come true.

Another episode from my life. I used to see movies and read novels and liked the boy meets girl type stories in them. Being a great lover of music and being romantic by nature, I always cherished a dream that someday a girl would say ‘I love you’ to me. Being not goodlooking (in my adolescence I was extremely slender and during the initial years of my working life, contradictorily, I had become obese) and not from a well-off family, this dream never seemed to me as something practically possible in my life. I was academically brilliant and remained a rank-holder during my student life but I found that girls were not impressed by academic brilliance or ranks. And I had neither good looks, nor wealth, nor any sort of glamour (associated with art or sports or likewise). But the desire continued to be harboured and nurtured in my heart. And years later, there came a day in my life when I found that a goodlooking, well-educated girl got attracted to me. She first befriended me and after a few months, I heard the three magical English words from her mouth – ‘I love you’. The dream had come true and I got an ocean of love from her before we had to separate because our marriage could not be possible. Still I cherish each and every moment spent in her association filled with abundant and unconditional love for me.

In 2007, I joined the JP Group at their head office in Delhi. In my office, a friend and colleague, Mr. Yogesh Mathur came to know of my penchant for reading a variety of books. He suggested me to read –‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ written by Dr. Joseph Murphy. He told me that the concept elaborated in the book has found as true by him through his own experience. I could read that book free of cost because Live the Power.com sent me the pdf copies of all the chapters. After going through the book, I was able to relate to it by looking at my life in retrospect. The two episodes detailed in the first two paras of this review and many more such episodes of my life linked to the fulfillment of many of my small desires that had been buried somewhere in my subconscious got flashed into my mind, getting retrieved from the vast treasure of my memories. And I just burbled – ”It’s true !”indexThe book says that the subconscious mind of a human-being is all powerful and if something is desired sincerely and visualized perfectly, the vision is bound to come true in due course of time. And it’s something which an individual can verify through his / her own experiences only. There is no scientific process to verify that it’s true. I know by my own experience that it’s true. However this truth cannot be established through any lab-experiments or outdoor research. The essence of this book was given in a dialog from a Bollywood movie, Om Shanti Om (2007) – ‘Kisi Ko Dil Se Chaaho To Saari Kaaynaat Use Tum Se Milaane Mein Lag Jaati Hai‘ (if you wish for something or someone from the core of your heart, then the whole universe gets active in bringing that to you) which is actually a famous quote from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. We can also understand it from the many incidents of treatment when the acutely sick patient recovers quite miraculously just because of his faith in the treating doctor or the treatment being given. This book underscores the same thing throughout its 20 chapters. You want something sincerely, believe that it can be yours and visualize getting it with a vivid picture of fulfillment of your desire. Then your subconscious mind (which is all powerful) will set to work and leave no stone unturned in creating the ways and means which will, in the end, make the visualized thing tangible for you, i.e., your cherished dream will come true.51qttapn-xl-_sx324_bo1204203200_And this is the only trouble with this otherwise very good book. A single statement has been repeated over and over for more than 200 pages. The way, the complete Freudian work revolves around unconscious motivation fuelled by libido and the complete Marxian work revolves around class conflict leading to repetition of thesis – antithesis – synthesis cycle in social systems and structures, the same way this complete volume penned by Dr. Joseph Murphy revolves around a single assertion – give your subconscious mind a dream, believe in it and live through it and in due course of time, it will come true because of the help from the unseen forces prevailing in the universe. This repetition makes the reader feel time and again that he is back to square one and there is nothing else in this book that can enrich his knowledge or improve his wisdom.

The book is good all the same. The title itself is self-explanatory and that only has been elaborated through different illustrations and told in different words. Every chapter contains a summary of ideas worth remembering. If the reader is not willing to read the complete chapter again, then he can just go through that summary laid down in the form of a few points and remind himself of the unseen power and the way to utilize it to own benefit. The book says that imagination is better than mere thought and that’s why sometimes a negative imagination (produced by apprehension or fear) brings about the results quite opposite to the desires. It’s a big lesson if understood properly (and relied too).

It’s upto you whether to and which extent to believe the theme of the book. To each his own. If you seek my opinion – Believe it or not ! It’s true ! The questions that may prop up that when finally, I was able to live in Udaipur, why could my stay not be very long and when I got the sincere love of a girl, why could I not marry her ? The answers are obvious. I did not desire for them with sincerity and vigour. As a Shaayar has asserted – Maula, Teri Rehmat Mein To Koi Kamee Nahin, Mujhko Hi Maangne Ka Saleeka Nahin Aaya (O Lord, your kindness is perfect, it’s me who could not learn the correct way to ask for).

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8 Responses to I know it through personal experience

  1. Wow! Such a beautiful post. It was a very enriching read for me. The book is there is my Kindle. I plan to read it soon.

  2. matheikal says:

    Indeed the subconscious has tremendous power because it is the seat of our suppressed emotions and feelings and memories. All that energy can be channelised in beautiful and powerful ways.

    By the way, the autobiographical part of this blog is charming. But I’m left wondering how you could be very casual mentioning the end of your love affair. Too much maturity? 🙂

    • jmathur says:

      Hearty thanks Sir. I am not casual in mentioning the end of that phase of my life. The affair only could be ended, the love couldn’t and it hasn’t. All the same, one has to accept destiny’s decisions and move on in life.

  3. It is a great book. Thanks.

  4. Of course many books have been written on similar themes with slight twists. Some even attribute its origin to Bible and some to ancient Indian thoughts and some others to Buddhist philosophy.

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