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Iron Man and Iron Lady

Today is a day belonging to two stalwarts of the Indian politics as well as the Indian history. Today, the Iron Man of India – Sardaar Vallabhbhai Patel was born and today only is the sacrificing day of Mrs. Indira … Continue reading

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Split personality ! Any takers ?

On my 33rd birthday, i.e., 30th October, 2002, I decided to give myself a birthday gift in the form of a suspense thriller watch since I have always been a mystery fan. The movie was Deewangee (2002)whose attractive promos had already … Continue reading

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Celebrating birthday with laughs and smiles

  Today is my 48th birth anniversary and I start celebrating it with the review of comedy songs from Hindi movies. Bollywood movies have produced songs for all the situations that exist in the world and the life. Hence we … Continue reading

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Neat and clean family entertainer

Kuchh Tum Kaho Kuchh Hum Kahein (2002) is a remake of a Telugu movie – Kalisi Undaam Ra (Come, let’s live together). Director K. Ravishankar has done justice to the original Telugu version while directing the Hindi remake. While watching … Continue reading

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Dil Jo Na Keh Saka, Wohi Raaz-e-Dil …

Today, it’s exactly 16 years since Pradeep Kumar left for his heavenly abode. The Bengali hero played a long and successful inning in Bollywood as a hero and, in later years, as a supporting actor too. I am presenting this … Continue reading

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Washing the stigma of his father’s misdeed

In the Indian epic Raamayan, Raavan abducted Sita but did he only get the punishment for his misdeed ? No, his whole family got the punishment and the stigma of that misdeed of his stuck to the name of his … Continue reading

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A tribute to Jaspal Bhatti, the King of Satire

Exactly five years back, i.e., on 25.10.2012, I was shocked like anything to know that Jaspal Bhatti was no more. An accident resulted in his untimely death on that day and we lost the great satirist who was always able … Continue reading

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Now it’s time for the audience to go for Satyagrah

Normally, the moral is told at the end of the story. However for a change, I am spelling out the moral(s) of this story in the beginning itself as follows: 1. Quality and quantity cannot go together, the moment you … Continue reading

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The tale of a night

If a young and unmarried criminal lawyer falls to the charms of a beautiful female convict who is under trial on the grave charge of a cold-blooded murder, what’s he expected to do ? Quite naturally, he will leave no … Continue reading

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Big B seeks revenge from Sanjeev through business

Revenge ! Revenge ! Revenge ! At a point in time during the seventies, almost every third Bollywood movie was being made on the theme of revenge. Sometimes the story was given the backdrop of banditry and sometimes that of … Continue reading

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