Neat and clean family entertainer

Kuchh Tum Kaho Kuchh Hum Kahein (2002) is a remake of a Telugu movie – Kalisi Undaam Ra (Come, let’s live together). Director K. Ravishankar has done justice to the original Telugu version while directing the Hindi remake. While watching this movie, I got a sense of deja vu since it reminded me of the Rajshri movies prior to the Sooraj Barjatya era. Simple backdrop, rural surroundings, family bonds, emotional story, some laughter, touching moments and of course, melodious music. It contains everything. It is a neat and clean movie without any exposure or vulgarity, the songs are very very melodious, the complete movie has been given a simple set up and a rural backdrop, it emphasizes family values and the fact that blood is thicker than water, it contains certain very touching moments, it introduces a charming new actress with the girl next door looks and finally it is a movie which can be watched by a full-fledged family sitting together since there is nothing in the movie making the watching family members to avoid eye contact with each other. It is an out and out replica of the old Rajshri movies.

The story belongs to two families whose mutual relations got spoiled several years back because of a foiled matrimonial alliance, leading to the head of one family, Vikram Gokhle disowning his son who married against his will. Years later, when the son has died and the widow daughter-in-law lives in the city with her son, Fardeen Khan, they get a call from their head of the family in the village to visit them and attend the Shashthipoorti function (old couple undergoing the matrimonial rituals once again upon completion of 60 years of age). After reaching his grandparents’ house, the young grandson not only goes on winning the heart of the still resented grandfather but also bridging the rift between the two families. He falls in love with the daughter of a family friend of his grandpa’s house but when he sees that her marriage with the boy of the erstwhile enemy family will make these two family united forever, he gets ready to sacrifice his love for the sake of the bigger cause. However, the lovers are united in the end with the union of the families too.

This is a light mood movie in which the director has arranged both romantic and laughing moments for the audience. The narrative is good and despite the fact that such type of movie cannot be a fast paced one, the movie does not allow the viewers to yawn. The romantic encounters between the lead pair as well as the emotional encounters between the grandpa-grandson-grandma trio are interesting and appealing. Every character maintains his identity in the movie which is the sign of a good movie. The grandson’s teasings with the ladies in the joint family give a tickling feeling in the heart. Overall it is a feelgood movie with an emotional appeal.

The music given by Anu Malik is highly melodious. Just listen to – Hua Salaam Dil Ka, Jabse Dekha Tumko Hum To Khoye Khoye Rehte Hain and the title track and you will affirm my statement. The cinematographer has done his job well in catching the rural background of the movie beautifully. Editing is ok. The art director has also performed perfectly. And there is one thrilling scene also in the movie involving wild elephants.

Why this movie flopped ? It’s a question which makes me uncomfortable. May be because of the public taste. May be because of Fardeen Khan who had a poor image in the eyes of the Indian audience at the time of its release (in 2002). May be some other reason. However my take is – it does not deserve to be a flop because it is entertaining. It is not a movie of the multiplex culture. It is a family drama suiting the single screen audience.

Fardeen Khan is definitely not a great actor but he has not disappointed in this movie. Richa Pallod did not get the best debut award for a female lead but she deserved it as look wise and performance wise, she is much better than many of her high profile rivals. Her girl next door looks and charming gestures are lovable in this movie. She could not carve a niche for herself in Bollywood, is sad. Vikram Gokhle, Farida Jalaal, Rameshwari, Neena Kulkarni, Govind Namdeo, Ashok Saraf etc. among the several character artists (since the plot contains joint families) have done well alongwith the many child artists. Parallel cinema stalwart, Raghuveer Yadav has arranged laughing moments in style. The only actor who irritates is Sharad Kapoor.

The minus point is that the relationships between the characters and the families are confusing. How the matrimonial alliances are planned to strengthen the friendship bond between the families is not fully understandable. However, if you ignore this point, the movie does not disappoint on any front.

I recommend this neat and clean family drama for wholesome entertainment. The viewers who like the old, simple movies used to be made under the Rajshri banner, more than three decades back, will like this Hindi remake of a Telugu hit, for sure.

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4 Responses to Neat and clean family entertainer

  1. I have watched this movie and and yes its a clean family entertainer, Very nice review Sir.

  2. Trayee says:

    Yes sir it is an entertaining movie. i have watched it and liked it much. I totally agree with you about Richa Pallod. A great review.

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