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Kabhi To Milegi, Kahin To Milegi Bahaaron Ki Manzil, Raahi . . .

Today is my birthday. I am forty-seven now and should have been able to built a stout career and achieve the desired amount of success in my life by this time. However I am still quite far from where I … Continue reading

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That Diwali at Naaradanandji’s residence

In my blog post ‘Naaradanandji’, I had paid tribute to my music teacher – Pandit Naaradanand Shaastri who was indeed a music maestro but who never got his due from the world because he lacked in salesmanship and could not … Continue reading

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Mystery gets unfolded like the layers of an onion

Amongst the English authors, I like Agatha Christie the most. The knack of delving deep into the psyche of her characters and linking their outer behaviours to their inner dynamics on one hand and the finesse to unravel a mystery … Continue reading

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The speaking dumb

A few years back, the case of the disappearance act of Bhanwari Devi, an ambitious woman who had developed intimate relationships with high profile politicians of Rajasthan and accepted the role of a moll in the lives of certain powerful … Continue reading

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Had I been a filmmaker, I would have picturized it

Gulshan Nanda is quite a familiar name for the Bollywood movies. Several hit movies like Sharmeelee, Kati Patang, Neel Kamal, Naya Zamana, Daag, Ajanabee, Jheel Ke Uss Paar, Mehbooba (novel – Sisakate Saaz), Kaajal (novel – Maadhvi), Khilona (novel – … Continue reading

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A crime reporter unearths a land-grab scandal

Among the Indian mystery writers, Surendra Mohan Pathak has definitely been the numero uno during the past half a century. He is the author who has rendered a prestige and dignity to the pulp-fiction novels of crime-detection or mystery genre … Continue reading

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Hindu ? Or Muslim ? Or a human-being before that ?

One of the biggest tragedies of human history – the partition of this great nation on the midnight of 14.08.1947 did not leave any winners except those vested interests which had their own axes to grind. Such vested interests included … Continue reading

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