Talat Mahmood’s duets

Talat Mahmood has been my favourite singer. He is mainly famous for his Ghazals and his solo songs (most of which are sad songs). However I have felt that he has sung several excellent duets also in the company of legendary female singers like Lata, Asha and Suraiya. I am willing to share my feelings about my personal favourite duets of Talat Mahmood listening to which is nothing short of a fabulous treat for any music lover. Here follows my list :Talat's duets1. Aha Rimjhim Ke Ye Pyare Pyare Geet Liye (Usne Kaha Tha – 1960) : This song in the voices of Talat and Lata, picturized on Sunil Dutt and Nanda in this movie based on the legendary Hindi story written by Chandradhar Sharma Guleri can make you feel the odour of Indian soil in the rainy season filled with jolliness, enthusiasm and love.

2. Itna Na Mujhse Tu Pyaar Badha Ki Main Ek Baadal Aawara (Chhaya – 1961) : Sung by Talat and Lata and picturized on Sunil Dutt and Asha Parekh is full of meaningful words indicating the mutual sentiments of the lovers with some philosophy of life also.

3. Dil-E-Naadan Tujhe Hua Kya Hai (Mirza Ghalib – 1954) : This is the legendary shaayar’s Ghazal sung by Suraiya and Talat and picturized on Suraiya and Bharat Bhooshan which gives an enchanting feeling to the listeners.

4. Ye Mere Andhere Ujaale Na Hote  (Prem Patra – 1962) : This is a very good song from a very good movie by the legendary Bimal Roy, sung by Talat and Lata and picturized on Shashi Kapoor and Saadhana. The lyric is very meaningful and the sentiments of the loving pair inherent are simply touching the heart of the listener.

5. Saawan Ki Raaton Mein Aisa Bhi Hota Hai (Prem Patra – 1962) : Another song from the same movie, picturized on the same pair but with a different flavour. This is filled with the jolliness emerging in the lovers’ hearts in the nights of the rainy season. Again sung by Talat and Lata.

6. Jab Jab Phool Khile Tujhe Yaad Kiya Hamne (Shikast – 1953) : This is one of my favourite songs whose words are highly meaningful, carrying a deeper meaning than what appears. Sung by Talat and Lata, it is able to convey the helplessness as well as the restlessness of the lovers (to meet) in the most touching manner. This magical composition is the result of the combined effort of Shailendra and Shanker-Jaikishan. It has been picturized on Dilip Kumar and Nalini Jaywant.

7. Pyar Par Bas To Nahin Hai Mera (Sone Ki Chidiya (1959) : This son is picturized on Talat himself and Nutan and sung by Talat in association of Asha. A very good love song indeed whose lyrics have been sung by Talat only with Asha contributing in the form of Aalaap.

8. Do Dil Dhadak Rahe Hain Aur Aawaaz Ek Hai (Insaaf – 1956) : Sung by Talat and Asha and picturized on Ajit and Nalini Jaywant, this song is based on Raag Pahaadi (an Indian classical Raaga). The lyric authored by Asad Bhopali as well as the music composition of Chitragupta are excellent.

9. Aye Sanam Aaj Ye Kasam Khaayen (Jahan Ara – 1964) : This is perhaps the only song of this movie filled with jolliness as all the other songs are profound ones. Sung by Talat and Lata and picturized on Bharat Bhooshan and Mala Sinha, this song is very pleasant to ears.

And finally, I am mentioning a song which is not a duet. It is a group song picturized on many soldiers. I am talking about – Hoke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bhulaya Hoga from the movie Haqeeqat (1964) which has been sung by four legendary male singers together. The song is started by Bhupinder and then four stanzas are sung by Bhupinder, Rafi, Talat and Manna Dey. This is my most favourite Bollywood song which is a lifetime experience to listen and more so to watch on the screen. This song of which Talat has sung a part, when seen on the screen, gives a feeling of watching a full-fledged saga. If any music lover has not come across this song, he is missing something great.

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  1. Induchhibber says:

    Thank you Jitendra -beautiful songs.

  2. He is also my all time favorite 🙂

  3. xhobdo says:

    Classic songs, great collections .

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