The Hindi movie songs I’m never tired of listening

Myself, being a great music lover, is spelling out my most favourite Bollywood songs. Since the article demands compactness, I have selected some profound songs to mention in this review. The list is bound to be subjective and out of thousands of great songs and hundreds of my favourite songs (I have got several cassettes prepared by making my own lists of songs), picking up just a handful out of them is a Herculian task. However I humbly it put before the music lovers :

1. Ho Ke Majboor Mujhe Usne Bhulaaya Hoga (Haqeeqat – 1964) : Written by the Azeem Shaayar of India – Janaab Kaifi Aazmi and composed by Madan Mohan. It is a great song whose picturization by the director of the movie Chetan Anand is equally great. It is a song sung by the soldiers of the defeated Indian army during their retreat from the China war. Four legendary singers of Bollywood – Bhupinder, Mohammed Rafi, Talat Mahmood and Manna Dey have sung it together.

2. Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Yeh, Kahaan Shuru Kahaan Khatam (Dil Apna Aur Preet Paraai – 1960) : Lata’s great song which was picturized on Meena Kumari in a boat. Shailendra has written and Shankar Jaikishan have composed it. Each and every word of this song is a gift for the literature-lover and the composition is a treat for the melody lover.

3. Humne Dekhi Hai Un Aankhon Ki Mehakti Khushboo (Khamoshi – 1969) : Lata’s great song penned by Gulzar and composed by Hemant Kumar. It’s literary value is so great every single word just steps deep into the listener’s heart. It is picturized on the actress Snehlata. Love is a feeling to be felt through the soul, it is not to be given a name.

4. Phir Tere Sheher Mein Lutne Ko Chala Aaya Hoon (Ek Musafir Ek Haseena – 1962) : Rafi’s song penned by Shewan Rizwi and composed by O.P. Nayyar. It’s a classic song which has been picturized in a boat on Joy Mukherjee and he sings it for Saadhana. The words of the lyric are highly emotional. It is a song composed in the Raag Chhayanut (of Hindustani classical music).

5. Koi Hota Jisko Apna Hum Apna Keh Lete Yaaro (Mere Apne – 1971) : Kishore Kumar’s great song, penned by Gulzar and composed by Salil Chaudhary. Picturized on Vinod Khanna. In my view, the best Bollywood song for the loneliness within a person who is craving for somebody to understand him.

6. Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam (Kaagaz Ke Phool – 1959) : The voice of Geeta Dutt (Roy) in the lyric of Kaifi Aazmi and the composition of Sachin Da (S.D. Burman) makes a timeless song picturized on Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman. The song containing deep meaning hidden in its words is a great experience not even to listen, but to watch on the screen too with the memorable cinematography of V.K. Murthy.

7. Kisi Ki Yaad Mein Duniya Ko Hain Bhulaye Huye (Jahan Ara – 1964) : Madan Mohan composed timeless music for Jahan Ara with almost all the songs being great ones. However whereas the other songs in male voice have been sung by Talat Mahmood, this song is in the voice of Rafi. It’s a great Nazm with highly emotional lyric penned by Rajender Krishna. It’s picturized on Bharat Bhushan.

8. Panchhi Nadiya Pawan Ke Jhonke (Refugee – 2000) : Anu Malik composed this very very touching song penned by Javed Akhar, sung by Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik, picturized upon the young love-birds of the movie, Abhishek Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor, living on two different sides of the Indo-Pak border.

9. Tum Pukaar Lo, Tumhaara Intezaar Hai (Khamoshi – 1969) : Hemant Kumar himself sung his own composition, penned by Gulzar. Highly meaningful words of poetic value and soul touching composition. Picturized on Dharmendra and Waheeda Rehman.

10. Ruk Jaana Nahin Tu Kahin Haar Ke (Imtihaan – 1974) : Kishore Kumar has sung this highly inspiring song authored by Majrooh Sultanpuri and composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal which is picturized on Vinod Khanna.

11. Surmai Shaam Is Tarah Aaye, Saans Lete Hain Jis Tarah Saaye (Lekin – 1991) : Gulzar’s literary lyric, sung by Suresh Waadkar in the melodious composition of Hridaynath Mangeshkar and picturized on Vinod Khanna.

12. Kis Tarah Bhoolega Dil Unka Khayaal Aaya Hua (Village Girl – 1945) : One of the best songs of Noor Jehan, penned by Wali Saheb and composed by Shyam Sunder. The melody and the words both are great. Picturized on Noor Jehan herself.

13. Jab Jab Phool Khile Tujhe Yaad Kiya Humne (Shikast – 1953) : Talat and Lata has sung this duet in the highly melodious composition with highly meaningful words which is the joint effort of Shailendra and Shankar Jaikishan. Each and every word strikes straight on the heart. Picturized on Dilip Kumar and Nalini Jayawant.

14. Ye Mere Andhere Ujaale Na Hote Agar Tum Na Aate Meri Zindagi Mein (Prem-Patra – 1962) : Another Talat-Lata duet with the joint effort of Rajender Krishna and Salil Chaudhary in Bimal Roy’s touching movie. The song contains the intense emotions of the loving pair full of gratitude, apprehension and oscillation between hope and despair. Picturized on Shashi Kapoor and Saadhana.

15. Woh Shaam Kuchh Ajeeb Thi (Khamoshi – 1969) : Kishore Da sings Gulzar’s touching song in the music direction of Hemant Kumar with the utmost intensity of emotions. Picturized on Rajesh Khanna, Waheeda Rehman and Dharmendra (appearing in the memories of Waheeda).

16. Ye Kya Jagah Hai Doston, Ye Kaun Sa Dayaar Hai (Umrao Jaan – 1981) : In my opinion, this is Asha’s best Bollywood song which is a great Ghazal written by Sheheryaar and composed by Khayaam, picturized on Rekha. Anybody knowing Urdu properly and able to understand the meaning of the words, may not be able to hold his/her tears by listening to it.

17. Guzra Hua Zamaana, Aata Nahin Dubaara, Haafiz Khuda Tumhaara (Shirin Farhad – 1956) : Lata’s song which makes me weep time and again whenever I listen to it. Penned by a Shaayar from Lahore – Tanvir Naqvi and composed by an unknown talented composer – S. Mohinder. This is a priceless gem in the treasure of Bollywood music which was picturized on Madhubala.

18. Tu Jahaan Jahaan Chalega, Mera Saaya Saath Hoga (Mera Saaya – 1966) : Lata’s enchanting song in Madan Mohan’s composition whose lyric has been written by Raja Mehndi Ali Khan. It’s a timeless song picturized on Saadhana and Sunil Dutt.

19. Teri Yaad Dil Se Bhulaane Chala Hoon (Hariyaali Aur Raasta – 1962) : Another gem from Shailendra-Shankar Jaikishan duo which is one of the greatest songs of Mukesh. This song can be counted among the best sad songs of Bollywood whose words are able to touch the bottom of the listener’s heart.

20. Kitni Bechain Ho Ke Tumse Mili, Tumko Kya Thi Khabar Thi Main Kitni Akeli (Kasoor – 2001) : Alka Yagnik-Udit Narayan duet penned by Sameer and composed by Nadeem Shrawan is a highly melodious as well as meaningful song which is picturized on Aftab Shivdasani and Lisa Ray.

Some additional profound songs which I like very much :

1. Aah Ko Chaahiye Ek Umr Asar Hone Tak (Mirza Ghalib – 1954) : The immortal Ghazal of the legendary Shaayar, composed by Ghulam Mohammed and sung by and picturized on Suraiya.

2. Jaane Kahaan Gaye Woh Din (Mera Naam Joker – 1970) : An unforgettable song for Shankar Jaikishan (composers), Hasrat Jaipuri (lyricist), Mukesh (singer) and Raj Kapoor (actor-producer-director), everyone.

3. Kuchh To Log Kahenge, Logon Ka Kaam Hai Kehna (Amar Prem – 1971) : Kishore Da’s immortal song, picturized upon Rajesh Khanna, penned by Anand Bakshi and composed by Pancham Da (R.D. Burman).

4. Mann Re Tu Kaahe Na Dheer Dhare (Chitralekha – 1964) : Rafi’s great philosophical song, picturized on Pradeep Kumar. Authored by Sahir Ludhiyanvi and composed by Roshan.

5. Kuchh Dil Ne Kahaa, Kuchh Bhi Nahin, Aise Bhi Baaten Hoti Hain (Anupama – 1966) : A lyric having great poetic value, written by Kaifi Aazmi, composed by Hemant Kumar, sung by Lata and picturized on Sharmila Tagore.

6. Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gya (Hum Dono – 1961) : Mohammad Rafi’s great philosophical song, picturized on Dev Anand, authored by Sahir and composed by Jaidev.

7. Kahaan Ja Raha Hai Tu Aye Jaane Wale, Andhera Hai Mann Ka Diya To Jala Le (Seema – 1955) : A great inspirational song by Rafi, picturized on Balraj Saahni and Nutan. Another gift of Shailendra and Shankar Jaikishan team to the music lovers.

8. Na To Kaarvaan Ki Talaash Hai (Barsaat Ki Raat – 1960) : The greatest ever qawwaali of Bollywood, picturized on Bharat Bhushan, Shyama and others. Sung by Manna De, Sudha Malhotra and others. Penned by Sahir and composed by Roshan.

9. Aaj Ki Raat Mere Dil Ki Salaami Le Le (Ram Aur Shyam – 1967) : Mohammed Rafi sings emotionally the lyric of Shakeel Badayuni for Dilip Kumar (song sung for Waheeda Rehman) in the music direction of Naushad.

10. Jo Raah Chune Tune Usi Par Chalte Jaana Re (Tapasya – 1976) : Kishore Kumar sings this highly inspirational song played in the background (indicating towards Rakhee) which has been penned by M.G. Hashmat and composed by Ravindra Jain.

11. Simti Huyi Ye Ghadiyaan Phir Se Na Bikhar Jaayen (Chambal Ki Kasam – 1979) : A great emotional duet by Lata and Rafi in the deeply touching words of Sahir and the highly melodious composition of Khayyam. Picturized on Raaj Kumar and Moushumi Chatterjee.

12. Aap Aaye To Khayaal-E-Dil-E-Nashaad Aaya (Gumraah – 1963) : Mahendra Kapoor’s highly meaningful and intense song picturized on Sunil Dutt (sung for Mala Sinha) which contains poetic words of Sahir and composition of Ravi.

13. Kaanton Se Kheench Ke Ye Aanchal (Guide – 1965) : Lata’s song picturized on Waheeda Rehmaan which infuses new life and enthusiasm in the sad and depressed souls. Penned by Shailendra and composed by S.D. Burman.

14. Kabhi Tanhaaiyon Mein Yun Hamaari Yaad Aayegi (Hamaari Yaad Aayegi – 1961) : Single stanza song sung by Mubarak Begum in the music direction of Snehal Bhatkar, containing the words of Kidar Sharma . Picturized on Tanuja and Ashok.

15. Beete Huye Lamhon Ki Kasak Saath To Hogi (Nikaah – 1982) : Great Nazm by Hasan Kamaal, drenched in the melody composed by Ravi and wonderfully sung by Mahendra Kapoor. Picturized on Raj Babbar, Salma Aagha and others (in the parting function of the college).

Before signing off, I mention one more highly melodious and meaningful Bollywood song which has left an indelible imprint on my heart. It’s a long forgotten duet from the black and white era of Bollywood – Nai Manzil Nai Raahen Naya Hai Meherbaan Apna, Na Jaane Jaake Theherega Kahaan Ye Kaarvaan Apna (Hill Station – 1957). Sung in the enchanting voices of Lata and Hemant Kumar, it’s penned by S.H. Bihari and composed by Hemant Da himself.

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