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Never lose hope, every labyrinth has a way out

In life, we come across difficult times when almost everything seems to be going against us, when we face such ticklish problems that cannot be discussed sometimes even with our closest ones, when we are concerned less about the solution … Continue reading

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Akshay fooled Manoj and Neeraj fooled the audience

First of all, I express my gratitude towards esteemed esteemed reviewer and blogger Sam Sammy (better known as confusedsoul in the virtual world)¬†for penning a review of Special 26 (2013). I did not write the review of this movie because … Continue reading

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Standing by his ex-flame in her hour of crisis

Colaba Conspiracy is the novel of eminent Hindi mystery and thriller writer Surendra Mohan Pathak available in English also alongside its original Hindi version. It’s a novel of Mr. Pathak’s relatively new series – Jeet Singh Series whose hero is … Continue reading

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A roller-coaster ride

When I happened to watch Shagird (2011) in the BHEL club, I was immensely surprised to find that not only this brilliant movie had flopped on the box office but a majority of reputed reviewers had also abstained from reviewing … Continue reading

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A dismissed cop turns into an undercover agent

Last year I had posted the review of Surendra Mohan Pathak’s novel – Gawaahi which is undoubtedly a brilliant thriller. Mr. Pathak has written its sequel also titled as Secret Agent whose review I am presenting now. In Gawaahi (testimony), … Continue reading

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He is victorious by name only

Centuries ago William Shakespeare had asserted -‘What’s there in a name ?’ He’s right. Anything or anybody can be given any name which may not have anything to do with its real nature or worth or life events. Through his … Continue reading

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Fate, my foe

I am a fatalist. And I am so because I have undergone experiences only those suggest that fate or destiny is the supreme force in anybody’s life. Whatever happens, happens because it’s written. You cannot browbeat your fate which is … Continue reading

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