My YouTube Channel – Forgotten Bollywood Gems

My fondness for movies, especially Bollywood movies, turned me into a reviewer who kept on reviewing movies (Hindi alongwith English and regional) since February 2010 and shortly thereafter went ahead to review books also.

Presently I am active on two blogs : WordPress for my English write-ups and Blogger for my Hindi write-ups ( Now my son, Saurav Mathur who himself runs a popular YouTube channel – Beyblade Legends, has created a YouTube channel for me too.

The name of this YouTube channel is Forgotten Bollywood Gems. As the name suggests, it will furnish information about those Bollywood movies which can be termed as Bhooli-Bisri (forgotten) now with very little information available for them. The link of this (Hindi) channel is :

I have posted my review of a black and white movie Insaf Ka Mandir (1969) in its first episode. In fact, my son only has uploaded it as I am technically not sound. Not being camera-savvy, I can see the scope for a lot of improvement in the episodes to be posted in future. However I believe that my admirers in the virtual world will appreciate the beginning.

The link of the opening episode is :

Future episodes will take time as due to my employment, presently I am living away from my family. As of now, I am posted at Visakhapatnam where I live alone whereas my wife, daughter and son are living at Pune. Frankly speaking, the spoken content only is mine, rest everything else found on this channel is courtesy my children only, i.e., my daughter (Swayamprabha) and son (Saurav).

One more news that I am willing to share with my friends and well-wishers in the virtual world is that now my Hindi novel – Qatl Ki Aadat (क़त्ल की आदत: मर्डर मिस्ट्री) is available as an e-book on Kindle. Earlier it was available (in pdf form) on only.

No words of thanks will be enough to express my immense gratitude towards the readers on internet who always encouraged and motivated me for more than a decade to write better and better and improve myself . Hope to get the support and good wishes of all for these endeavours too.

About Jitendra Mathur

A Chartered Accountant with literary passion and a fondness for fine arts
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16 Responses to My YouTube Channel – Forgotten Bollywood Gems

  1. birindersethi says:

    Loved your vlog Mathur sahab, great job! Many congratulations on this launch. Hv subscribed and liked very much 👍🏻

  2. Matheikal says:

    All the best. Your deep knowledge about Bollywood is sure to make the channel popular.

  3. xhobdo says:

    Congratulations for your new YouTube channel, Subscribed your channel. Waiting for more videos. Best wishes Jitendra ji.

  4. latha says:

    All the best

  5. Rajeev Moothedath says:

    Hearty congrats Jitendra! I just watched the first post and it has come out so well. I am sure that with your in depth knowledge of Hindi cinema particularly the classics the viewers are in for a treat. Kudos and best wishes!

  6. Jyoti says:

    यू ट्यूब पर आने की बहुत बहुत बधाई, जितेंद्र भाई। साथ ही नए नॉवेल की भी बधाई। आप इसी तरह आगे बढ़ते रहें, यही शुभकामनाएं।

  7. Rekha Sahay says:

    Congrats Jitendra ji, for your new book and YouTube Channel. It’s great that your kids supported you. I watched the first post n I loved it. I tried but couldn’t subscribe it. But certainly I’ll. All the best!! I am sure, your channel will do well.

  8. Vartikaforu says:

    Congratulations sir

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