Let Saawan come . . .

Saawan is the rainy month in India and the Indian culture has a lot to relate to Saawan – enthusiasm, prosperity, happiness and of course, love and romance ! Young hearts long for Saawan to come and when it comes, they want the company of their beloveds. Today I am reviewing a musical blockbuster from the prestigious Rajshri banner of Bollywood which was released in 1979 and is still remembered for its great music and touching story. It’s Sawan Ko Aane Do (1979).

Saawan Ko Aane Do (let the rainy season come) is the love story of Chandrika (Zarina Wahab), the city-educated daughter of the village landlord (Amrish Puri) and Birju (Arun Govil), the simple and naive singer whose abundant talent is hidden in the village like a diamond lying in the dust. Like always, the wall of wealth and status stands between the hearts and Birju, humiliated by Chandrika’s father, moves to the city to do something worthwhile in his life. Birju is helped by Geetanjali (Rita Bhaduri) in the city and with a bit of luck, success starts kissing his feet. Despite becoming a renowned singer, he cannot make Chandrika’s father agree to their marriage because her father’s false pride is not ready to bow down. In a court case, Chandrika’s father loses all his wealth and Chandrika has to take a teaching job in the village school. How the lovers get reunited in the ending scene with the song – Teri Tasveer Ko Seene Se Laga Rakha Hai – is a treat to see for the emotional viewers.

Rajshri movies of that era are known for their simplicity and director Kanak Mishra has left no stone unturned in maintaining the Rajshri tradition with finesse. The story moves ahead with portrayal of simple village life in India and songs keep on coming like precious gems with the twists in the narrative. Despite the predictable plot, the viewer is glued to the screen because everything seems so lovable and touching that it is difficult to leave this movie in between. The success of Birju in the city looks like a fairy-tale and may not sound real to many but the complete storyline and treatment is so lovely and heart-soothing, that we overlook this fact considering it the cinematic liberty taken by the writer to take the story to the desired climax.

I had seen this movie long back but I still remember the scene in which the lovers (Arun and Zarina) keep on looking at each other’s faces without uttering a single word. That’s the true love which is to be felt and not to be described or discussed. The movie is studded with delicate feelings and emotions and the narrative flows the viewer away with it. Anybody putting a premium on love, would like to be lost in this movie.

Arun and Zarina have made a great pair in this movie. I consider both these actors as excellent actors despite the moderate success they got in their respective acting careers. The innocence on their faces (especially in the first half of the movie) proves that they only were the perfect choice for the roles assigned. Amrish Puri got the recognition for his talent quite late but anybody who liked his performance in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995) should see this movie also in which he has done a brilliant job. The cousin of Jaya Bhaduri, Rita Bhaduri did not get meaty roles in her career to do justice to her talent. Saawan Ko Aane Do showcases her talent in the significant supporting role. All others have done justice to their characters according to the demand of their roles in the movie.


Saawan Ko Aane Do is an unforgettable musical journey. It has ten songs. All ten are real gems from the ocean of Bollywood music. The lyrics written by Madan Bharati, Indeevar, Fauq Jaami, P. Pankaj, Gauhar Kanpuri, Abhilash, Maya Govind and Pooran Kumar Hosh carry high literary value. Music director Rajkamal has composed the music of a lifetime for the songs. I am giving the list of all ten songs here (the last one is my personal favourite) : 1. Tumhen Geeton Mein Dhaaloonga (which is the title track), 2. Chaand Jaise Mukhade Pe Bindiya Sitara, 3. Jaanam Tera Mera Pyar Naya Hai, 4. Bole To Baansuri Kahin Bajti Sunai De, 5. Tujhe Dekh Kar Jag Wale Par Yakeen Nahin Kyun Kar Hoga, 6. Gagan Ye Samjhe Chaand Sukhi Hai Chanda Kahe Sitaare, 7. Kajre Ki Baati Ansuvan Ke Tel Mein, 8. Patthar Se Sheesha Takra Ke Wo Kehte Hain Dil Toote Na, 9. Tere Bin Soona Mere Mann Ka Mandir Aa Re Aa Re Aa, 10. Teri Tasveer Ko Seene Se Laga Rakha Hai. The highly meaningful lyrics studded with beautiful words sung in the enchanting voices of Yesudas, Sulakshana Pandit, Jaspal Singh, Kalyani Mitra and C. Anand Kumar are able to fill the listeners’ hearts with sublime feelings and virtues of Indian culture. Putting it straight, the music of Saawan Ko Aane Do is a part of the rich Indian literary and cultural heritage. Coincidentally, 10th January is the birthday of the great singer and music composer – K.J. Yesudas who has sung many male songs of this movie and 12th January is the birthday of Arun Govil, the charming hero who has performed on them. sawan-ko-aane-do-17857-thumbDialogues of the movie are also quite meaningful and impressive.

Technical and production value aspects are strictly in line with the long Rajshri tradition perpetuated by Tarachand Barjatya. Simplicity is scattered in every nook and corner of the movie.

Indian villages are no longer the villages of the Rajshri movies ( I know it because I am also a villager). However we wish them to be like that only where love, truthfulness, simplicity, festival joys, family values and virtues of life are scattered in the beautiful green landscape emerging naturally after the first shower of Saawan. Looks like a Utopian dream in today’s times. Anyway, let Saawan come . . .

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10 Responses to Let Saawan come . . .

  1. xhobdo says:

    Beautiful film, Songs too good.
    Loved your review.

  2. Deepa Joshi says:

    very nice review Mathur ji

  3. Rekha Sahay says:

    Great review of Saavan ko aane do, in the month of Sawan . I guess, I have seen the movie. Still I can watch it again as Zarina Wahav n Arun gowil are good actors.

    • Hearty thanks Rekha Ji. And yes, you are right. This beautiful and touching musical love story has a great repeat value. You can watch it once more and feel nice once again.

  4. Rajeev Moothedath says:

    This is the kind of movie I love to watch. Now, with your review, I will certainly watch it! Somehow was not aware of this film. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sapna Dhyani says:

    A very nice review it is. Rajshree movies were entertaining and refreshing. I must tell you here that the title track – Tumhe geeton mein dhaaloonga- is a song that I often listen to. On our road trips specially, I listen to it multiple times. An interesting read !

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