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Gangwar in Goa

I am fortunate enough to know eminent Hindi novelist Surendra Mohan Pathak personally. He is not only a very humble person but possesses many other virtues also. His creations reflect his personality traits as well as his thought-train and approach … Continue reading

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One flower, two gardeners

Till the beginning of the decade of seventies, abortion was illegal in India and therefore, the trouble of pregnancy without marriage was ticklish to handle. Naive and innocent girls falling in love with guys and then surrendering physically to them … Continue reading

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Murders for the sake of headlines

Question : A newspaper is able to publish the news of certain high profile murders first because its owner gets every such news before anyone else. How come Holmes ? Answer : Elementary Watson ! He himself is the mastermind … Continue reading

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Polythene bags – The height of hypocrisy

I have been living at Hyderabad for the past nine years. A few years back, the Govt. had banned polythene carry bags of a particular thickness in the state. Then all the employees of such polythene bags manufacturing units had … Continue reading

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Lost my heart to these Angels with Dirty Faces

I had celebrated my Valentine’s Day in 2014 by watching Gunday (in the second show as I had got late for the opening show) without reading a single review of it and therefore without keeping any expectation in my mind … Continue reading

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When an honest cop acts against his conscience

In my review of Hindi movie Damini (1993), I have asserted that there is one apex court above all the worldly courts, the court of a person’s conscience which none can escape. Where all the worldly courts fail in their … Continue reading

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An old fashioned but well-knitted murder mystery

In the dark hours of a night, a young girl clad in white clothes heads towards a magnificent mansion (whose architecture reminds of the British times) which is the residence of a rich man of royal lineage. The environment prevailing … Continue reading

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The heart-conquering Ghazals from Hindi movies

I am not only a great music lover but also a great lover of poetry and Shaayari. Ghazal is a unique form of poetry containing the essential features of Radeef, Kaafia and fixed meter in all the SHERs.The literal meaning … Continue reading

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Baabul Ki Duaaen Leti Ja …

Bowing before the urge of my younger sister and esteemed reviewer and blogger – S.B. Patra (chalojai bahudure), I am presenting my review of Neel Kamal (1968) which is based on the novel of the same title, written by Gulshan Nanda. … Continue reading

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It’s a tale with a sting in the tail

After watching Sujoy Ghosh directed movie – Kahaani (2012) in the Talkie Town (now named as Cine Town) cinema hall of Hyderabad, the memories of the experience of watching that movie kept on haunting me non-stop for hours and hours. … Continue reading

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