Shatrughan woos Vidya using a fake identity

Rich boy poor girl. Rich girl poor boy. Conceited boy getting smitten by a simple girl or vice versa. We have seen so many stories in Indian movies. Such a hackneyed plot can also entertained when well-developed and skilfully presented on the screen. Magroor (1979) is one such movie only which is quite entertaining. It stars Shatrughan Sinha and Vidya Sinha in lead (2)Magroor (conceited / haughty) is the story of Ranjeet (Shatrughan Sinha) who is a rich businessman as well as a rich brat considering every girl as a sex-object and available against generous consideration. He is not having parents and in his house, he is surrounded by many relatives who are having no affection for him and are only greedy of his wealth. When a hotel receptionist Anju (Vidya Sinha) hurts his ego, he gets her expelled from her job. Still when she is not ready to bow before the might of his wealth, then he decides to get her through a scheme. Entering into a bet with his good-for-nothing friends in this regard, he approaches Anju under the fake identity of a motor-mechanic Raju and starts wooing her while working as the assistant of his inefficient motor-mechanic brother Rakesh (Paintal). Gradually he is not only able to win Anju’s heart but loses his own heart also to her. Now he is no longer after her body but wants to make her his life partner. However Anju who has never seen Ranjeet in his true self, still hates him for getting her expelled from the job. Ranjeet alias Raju also comes to know that due to his mistake only, the little sister of Anju and Rakesh had lost her voice. Pent-up by his guilty conscience, now he wants to bring the voice of the little girl back as his penitence. However by this time, already a large conspiracy has started against him in his home for the sake of his wealth. Ranjeet is aware of the conspiracy but not the mastermind behind that. Everything is set right in the (1)The story of Magroor has been written nicely and despite lifting many things from different Bollywood movies, it renders a feeling of novelty also when its rom-com track  takes off. The romantic track of Anju and Raju (Ranjeet in disguise) is hilarious as well as touching. This part of the movie has a repeat value also. However the writer (K.K. Shukla) and director (Brij) could not resist the temptation of giving the final reels of the movie the form of a suspense thriller. This part though interesting and intriguing (because of the suspense regarding the identity of the mastermind of the conspiracy against the hero) spoils the pleasure of watching a good rom-com.downloadMany characters of the movie (who are the greedy relatives of the rich hero) have been introduced in the opening but their roles get activated much later in the movie which is a flaw of the screenplay. The entry scene of the hero is good. And the ending scene showing the union of the hero and the heroine, deserves a lot of applause.

By the time of this movie, Shatrughan Sinha who used to do negative roles in the initial few years of his acting career, has established himself as a hero in Bollywood. In a scene, this fact has been highlighted through his dialogue only that he’s no longer a villain and turned into a hero. I found it as ridiculous but his admirers may find it hilarious.

Technically the movie is okay. Due to poor quality film used for the movie, the colours of the prints now available for watching have faded a lot. Laxmikant Pyarelaal have composed ordinary music for the movie.

Shatrughan Sinha has done well in the title role with his mannerismic performance which had become the trademark of his personality during his heyday making him immensely popular in the Indian movie buffs. Vidya Sinha was the perfect girl next door in the Bollywood movies during the seventies. She was a good actress who seldom disappointed in the role of a simple, middle class girl. Here also she fits the bill. Paintal has done good comedy. Great actress Nadira is simple brilliant in the emotional role of the Christian landlady of the heroine and her brother. All others are routine. Dr. Shreeram Lagoo is a cut above the rest in the supporting cast.Magroor-1979All in all, Magroor is an interesting flick which will be liked by both the romantic movie buffs as well as the crime-thriller fans. Overall it’s a one time watch but, as said earlier also, the reels devoted to the rom-com portion can be watched and enjoyed more than once.

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