Yatra Naaryastu Poojyante, Ramante Tatra Devta

Yatra Naaryastu Poojyante, Ramante Tatra Devta (Gods dwell where women are worshipped) – declares Manu Smriti. Millenniums later, the Indian men are yet to learn and absorb this assertion. Indian folklore also underscores the significance of wife in home through the following assertion – Bin Gharni Ghar Bhoot Ka Dera (a house sans housewife is no better than a ghost house). Still the Indian husbands, in general, consider their wives as inferior to them and treat them like their slaves or maids.1964-yaadein-posterYaadein (1964) is a unique Hindi movie which features only one actor visually whereas the other actors come before the audience through their voices. I happened to watch this movie when my wife  (and children) were away from me. They had gone to Dehradun at that time as my daughter had sought admission in the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies for her B. Tech. course and her mother alongwith her younger brother had accompanied her to help her in settling down properly in her hostel and start her course properly. Myself being at Hyderabad, watched this movie in their absence on internet and was deeply touched by the story as well as its presentation. This is not only a unique movie but also a highly admirable, in fact, an outstanding movie.yaadein-indian-movie-poster-md

Yaadein (memories) is the story of Anil (Sunil Dutt) who comes home in the evening only to find that his wife Priya (Nargis) has left home alongwith their two children because of his irresponsible behaviour and keeping relations with other women. Then how he reminisces the bygone happenings involving his wife and children – his first meeting with his would-be wife, their marriage, the birth of their children, the family bliss with some regular irritations and dissatisfaction leading to small quarrels in the couple etc. Finally he realizes his mistake of not giving due respect, recognition and desirable treatment to his wife and then decides to end his life. But then his wife comes back with children and prevents him from doing so, ensuring the happy ending of the movie.downloadIn my review of Dard Ka Rishta (1982), I have termed Sunil Dutt and Nargis as the most admirable and ideal Bollywood couple. They married defying all the odds that existed against them (age, religion, family background, status etc.) and then proved to the world that they were indeed made for each other. Sunil Dutt proved to be an ideal husband, never allowing his name to be associated with any Bollywood heroine during his very long career as a hero post his marriage whereas Nargis proved to be an ideal wife, devoting herself totally to the family and never allowing the love blossoming within it to wilt or wane. They fostered their three children – Sanjay, Namrata and Priya together with utmost affection till the untimely demise of Nargis due to cancer. The movie Dard Ka Rishta emerged from the pain in Sunil Dutt’s heart only.MV5BNzEwMjlmZWEtYWFhYS00ZGQ5LThjZDgtZDM1OGI5ZWJhYTZkXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTE4ODU0NzA@._V1_UY268_CR5,0,182,268_AL_However around two decades prior to Dard Ka Rishta, Sunil Dutt had produced, directed and acted in this unique one actor movie which is an ode to marital bliss and the virtues of love, understanding and trust that are a must for the husband-wife relationship to survive and prosper. Nargis who considered her home only as her paradise after her marriage and allowed her husband to climb the ladder of stardom, herself has written the story of this movie. Screenplay written by Omkar Sahib contains the vision of Mrs. Sunil Dutt (while giving credit to her, she has been mentioned as Mrs. Sunil Dutt only) in every particle of it. It’s a brilliant piece of art which touches and moves any viewer deep within especially if he / she is a family loving person. And who could understand the significance and piety of the bond between a husband and a wife better than Mr. and Mrs. Sunil Dutt ?

The story opens with the arrival of the hero Anil to his home and then it becomes a river of memories of his family life and his relationship with his wife and children in which the spectator effortlessly flows with him and gets soaked with sentiments and tender feelings. Since it’s a one actor movie (with Nargis and two child artists being shown as silhouette only in the ending scene), the interaction of the only visible actor with the other characters has been conveyed to the audience through their voices as well as sketches and cartoons. The cartoons are hilarious whereas the sketches are so beautiful that they conquer the hearts of the spectators in no time. Everything visible and audible in this movie moved me like anything and I shed tears with the hero in many scenes. I am sure that any family loving householder will undergo the same experience when watching this movie.Yaadein_1964_posterMainly an in-house drama, the movie is a showcase of the talent of the art director and the cinematographer and above all, the debutante director Sunil Dutt. The whole presentation of the one man drama is mesmerizing. The technical side of the movie as a whole deserves a standing ovation from the audience. Dialogs written by Akhtar-Ul-Imaan are apt for the script.

Sunil Dutt has excelled not only as a director but also as an actor in the lead role. His love for his wife is well known to the world and he only conveys his personal sentiments through the character of the protagonist and that’s why his performance appears to be something out and out real instead of fictional. All others are present through their voices only and they have done quite satisfactorily especially Nargis and the two child artistes playing their kids.

The movie contains two beautiful and touching songs in the voice of Lata Mangeshkar – Dekha Hai Sapna Koi and Radha Tu Hai Diwani which have been penned by Anand Bakshi and composed by Vasant Desai. Background score is also perfect.

Though Yaadein requires a particular mindset in the viewer to enjoy it properly and more to feel the message conveyed by the filmmakers who have made this movie from the core of their heart, nevertheless I recommend this commercially unsuccessful movie to all those who appreciate great pieces of art. Hats off to Sunil Dutt for making a movie straight from his heart without caring for the box office.

A classic ! Beyond doubt !

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  1. Anagha Yatin says:

    A fulfilling read! Sunil Dutt truly was man of words and action.

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