Expensive B Grade Masaala

Abbas Mustan are considered the Alfred Hitchcock of Indian cinema. Their disciple Dinkar Kapur decided to direct a movie independently and he made the script from the leftovers of the movies of his gurus for that purpose. The suspense thriller thus coming into existence is Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat (2002) which stars Govinda’s nephew (sister’s son) – Krishna (now he is known as Krushna Abhishek) in lead role.Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat (what kind of a love is it?) is the story of Vicky (Krishna) who wants to  lead an affluent life by trapping some rich girl in his love and thereby marrying her. Soon he is able to do so with Tina (Deeksha). However when he comes into contact with a wealthy person Rahul Thakraal (Sharad Kapoor) and gets the assignment of spying his wife, he’s shocked to find that Rahul’s wife is Tina only. But the truth is something else. Rahul’s wife is actually Priya (Viveka Babaji) who gets murdered and the police goes after Vicky considering him only the murderer. The real murderer is unmasked in the end.Director Dinkar Kapur alongwith the screenplay writer Y.N. Kapoor succeeded in preparing the script of this murder mystery by assembling various scenes like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and generously used the finances of the producer Ashok Kotwani by shooting on foreign locations. However this and exposing the physic of the heroine is not sufficient to make a quality suspense thriller. Dinkar Kapur has made an expensive movie which, due to his poor sense of filmmaking, could not rise above a B grade masaala flick.The suspense is intriguing no doubt which keeps the viewer guessing about the real murderer till the climax and that’s the first and the foremost ingredient of a good mystery. However the casting and the treatment of the plot is certainly B grade and does not render an air of an excellent suspense-thriller. Frankly, I don’t think that there should be any gradation of movies because a movie is either good or bad but the public responds to the movies by perceiving them as such only. And that’s the tragedy of this movie.The movie is an entertaining mystery nonetheless which contains a good dose of romance also. Good performance by Krishna in the lead role has helped the script and the direction. Among the other cast members – Mukesh Rishi has done admiringly as the investigating police officer whereas Sharad Kapoor, Deepak Tijori etc. are also well in place. Johny Lever has left no stone unturned in boring the audience by his stale comedy. Heroine Deeksha has exposed more, acted less (perhaps that’s what the director wanted her to do). Late Viveka Babaji who was a well known model, could not do much in this the only acting job done in her life.Technically and production value wise, the movie is up to the mark. Sandeep Chowta has composed music quite reasonably in at least two songs – Akeli Hai Raat and Lafda Hai.All in all, I can say that Dinkar Kapur has been only partially successful in imitating his gurus, i.e., Abbas Mustan. However this so-called B grade movie is an interesting murder mystery which can be recommended as a one time watch to at least those who are fond of the movies of this genre.

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  1. xhobdo says:

    Read your review of Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat, not yet watch the film 🙂

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