A country of the bullies, for the bullies and by the bullies

A few years back, the Khap Mahapanchayat of Haryana had declared to stop the supply of milk and other eatables to Delhi till their demand for amendment in the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, effecting a ban on marriage of youths from the same Gotra (clan) was met. And recently, the apex court of India has lashed out at such bodies clarifying to them in an unambiguous language that they have no business obstructing the marriage of two consenting adults. However it’s difficult to say as to how far they have understood it and going to respect it. Considering their activities hitherto, it appears that it doesn’t matter for them that they are killing the innocent youths who might have become the steersmen of the Indian boat in future.

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Bullying, harassing, humiliating and even forcing into marriage of the love-birds have become a norm on the Valentine’s Day for the self-appointed moral policemen. No government appears to check these so-called preservers of the Indian culture (!) who are nothing but thugs and goons. And the poor lovers (or just friends) have to see themselves as reduced to silent sufferers in their hands in the greatest (!) democracy of the world.

The dust has settled down on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmaavat’ which finally saw the light of the day and now all and sundry has accepted that there’s nothing objectionable in that which might have hurt the (so-called) sentiments of a particular community. However what about the sentiments and honour of the filmmaker and the artistes associated with the movie which has been openly hurt by the bullies in the name of the movie’s opposition. Now the same kind of activity has started in respect of the forthcoming movie – ‘Manikarnika’ as a wrong precedence has been established for the selfish groups to cash on. A few years back, Prakash Jha’s ‘Aarakshan’ had also faced the same bullying kind of opposition.

Our constitution-framers had envisioned the Indian democracy as a system of the people, for the people and by the people. However now our democracy seems to be as of the bullies, for the bullies and by the bullies. The barbarian era is coming back with the principle of Might is Right becoming the rule of the day. No regressive group has any fear of the law of the land which may stop them from their bullying, high-handed and terrorizing activities. The fear is only for the kind-hearted, innocent and right-thinking people who cannot survive in India because of the Darwinian principle – Survival of the Fittest. They are not fit for the country (that is, Mera Bhaarat Mahaan).

All this presents a very dismal picture before the eyes of any sensitive as well as sensible person. Every nook and corner of the country is manned and dominated by the bullies. All the evil things are done and propagated by the bullying groups and they even press for official sanction for them. And our honoured politicians are too keen to award even that to them. Why ? Because such groups are considered as controlling significant vote banks and what can be more important for our politicians than the vote banks ?

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About Jitendra Mathur

A Chartered Accountant with literary passion and a fondness for fine arts
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2 Responses to A country of the bullies, for the bullies and by the bullies

  1. matheikal says:

    Indeed bullyism has become a national way of life in our country. Even the govt behaves like a Big Bully.

    PS. Wonder why you deleted your comment on my latest post 🙂

    • Thanks Sir. Yes, the govt. also behaves like a big bully. I deleted my comment due to the apparent duplication because two similar comments were visible to me. Now I feel that it was one comment only appearing twice and with the deletion exercise that comment is completely gone. Right now, even the space for submitting comment itself is appearing twice on the same page (of yours). Well, I will post my comment again.

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