Bachchon Tum Taqdeer Ho Kal Ke Hindustan Ki …

On the occasion of the Children’s Day, I dedicate this review to the children – children whose hearts are like clean slates, who are innocent, who never discriminate between individuals and who believe in love and not hate. Children are the helmsmen of any society and the future of any nation, in fact, the world. They need to be nurtured well, molded well, shaped well. The society and the nation which take care of their children well only prosper in the real sense. In this review, I am covering certain children’s songs from Hindi movies according to my personal choice.

I have not covered certain excellent children’s songs in this review viz. Hum Laaye Hain Toofan Se Kishti Nikaal Ke and Aao Bachchon Tumhen Dikhaayen Jhaanki Hindustan Ki (both from Jagriti – 1954), Insaaf Ki Dagar Pe Bachchon Dikhao Chal Ke (Ganga Jamuna – 1961), Nanha Munna Raahi Hoon, Desh Ka Sipaahi Hoon (Son of India – 1962), Juhi Ki Kali Meri Laadli (Dil Ek Mandir – 1963), Aaee Hain Bahaaren Mite Zulm-o-Sitam (Ram Aur Shyam – 1967), Tujhe Sooraj Kahoon Ya Chanda (Ek Phool Do Maali – 1969), Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka Sabka Kehna Hai (Hare Rama Hare Krishna – 1971), Humko Mann Ki Shakti Dena (Guddi – 1971), Tum Besahaara Ho To Kisi Ka Sahaara Bano (Anurodh – 1977), Thande Thande Paani Se Nahaana Chaahiye (Pati Patni Aur Woh – 1978) etc. because I have already covered / going to cover them in my earlier / future song-based reviews.

Following is the list of my top twenty favourite children’s songs :

  1. Bachchon Tum Taqdeer Ho Kal Ke Hindustan Ki (Didi – 1959) : It’s my numero uno children’s song which inspired the children of that period (the fifties) when India was enthusiastic of achieving great heights through them in the post-independence era. The dream seen in this song could not materialize fully, that’s different. However the song still inspires by referring to the names of the greats of the like of Gandhi and Nehru. Using the inspiring lyric of Saahir Ludhiyanvi, this song has been beautifully composed by N. Dutta and sung by Mohammed Rafi and Asha Bhosle for Sunil Dutt, Shubha Khote and the child artistes (Daisy Irani, Honey Irani and others).

  1. Nanhe Munne Bachche Teri Mutthi Mein Kya Hai (Boot Polish – 1954) : This is a song which had won me over like anything when I had listened to it first. A highly inspiring song for the future of the nation to rise up to the challenges and maintain the moral values despite the odds being against them. Sung again by Rafi and Asha for David, Baby Naaz and Master Ratan (with many other child artists also there in the scene) under the music direction of Shankar Jaikishan, this touching song has come from the magical pen of Shailendra.

  1. Aane Waale Kal Ki Tum Tasveer Ho (Chhote Babu – 1957) : Another beautiful children’s song with similar sentiments is this one which was sung by Lata Mangeshkar for Nimmi. Madan Mohan has prepared the melodious composition for the beautiful lyric of Indeewar.

  1. Nai Umar Ki Kaliyon Tumko Dekh Rahi Duniya Saari (Talaq – 1958) : A very beautiful song comparing the young ones to the buds which are going to bloom into colourful flowers if nurtured well. It renders a message to the children that they are looked upon by the whole world with expectations and therefore, a big responsibility lies on their shoulders to live up to them. Penned by the great lyricist Kavi Pradeep and composed by C. Ramachandra, this song has been sung by Asha and chorus for Kaamini Kadam and the child artists.

  1. Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalmaan Banega (Dhool Ka Phool – 1959) : A highly admirable song underscoring the reality that human-beings are above the differences of religion and they should not be differentiated as such. The children never go by such categorizations and that’s why the singer (Mohammed Rafi singing for Manmohan Krishna) tells the infant that he will grow up as a human-being and not as a Hindu or a Muslim. N. Dutta has composed Saahir’s memorable lyric.


  1. Chanda Mama Door Ke (Vachan – 1955) : A very beautiful children’s song which most of us are well-versed because this evergreen lullaby was listened to by us from the mouth of our elders (grandma or granny or mother or the likewise) in our childhood. The moon is considered as the maternal uncle of us (the earth being the mother and the moon being her younger brother) and the song refers to that relationship which is not affected by the physical distance of the moon and the enjoyment of eating sweet eatables in that context. Ravi has composed Prem Dhawan’s lyric and Asha has sung it for Geeta Baali.


  1. Bachche Mann Ke Sachche (Do Kaliyan – 1968) : The hearts of the children are clean and these innocents are not dodgy or cunning until such bad things are taught to them by the world or the society or the milieu they are in. They know only to love and not to hate. They are truthful and honest (and therefore, trusting). This is the message of this extremely popular children’s song which young Neetu Singh (called Baby Sonia that time) is still remembered for. She plays a double role of twin sisters here. Ravi has composed Saahir’s heart-conquering lyric and Lata has lent her voice to Baby Sonia.

  1. Hum Bhi Agar Bachche Hote (Door Ki Aawaaz – 1964) : An exceedingly popular child’s birthday party song sung by Rafi, Manna Dey and Asha, penned by Shakeel Badayuni, composed by Ravi and filmed on Joy Mukherji, Saira Baanu, Johnny Walker and the child artists.


  1. Lakdi Ki Kaathi, Kaathi Pe Ghoda (Masoom – 1983) : A damn popular children’s song known to one and all sung by Gauri Bapat, Gurpreet Kaur and Vanita Mishra under the music direction of Pancham Da (Rahul Dev Burman) with the credit of the lyric going to Gulzaar. Child artists Jugal (Hansraj), Urmila (Matondkar) and Aparajita have delivered heart-winning performances on it.

  1. O Nanhe Se Farishtay (Ek Phool Do Maali – 1969) : A personal favourite song of myself which always touches me deep within whether I see it on the screen or just listen to it. It signifies the feelings of a father who is not able to call his child as his child but the unseen bond fascinates him towards the kid. Sanjay (Khan) has performed on Rafi’s voice whereas Ravi has composed Prem Dhawan’s touching lyric spreading the mysterious restlessness of a father from every word of it. The child artist linked with this song is Master Bobby.

  1. Aa Chal Ke Tujhe Main Le Ke Chaloon Ek Aise Gagan Ke Tale (Door Gagan Ki Chhaon Mein – 1964) : Kishore Kumar’s very popular song filmed on himself and his real life son Amit only. The lyricist and the composer also is Kishore Kumar only signifying what a multi-talented artist he was.


  1. Rona Kabhi Nahin Rona (Apna Desh – 1972) : A fairly good children’s song sung by Kishore Kumar for Rajesh Khanna. R.D. Burman has composed Anand Bakshi’s lyric.


  1. Rote Rote Hansna Seekho (Andha Kaanoon – 1983) : Amitabh Bachchan’s popular song containing a good message for the little daughter not to lose heart in tough times. Maadhavi is also in the scene (as Amitabh’s wife). Kishore Kumar has given his voice whereas the words are of Anand Bakshi and the composition is of Laxmikaant Pyarelaal.

  1. Aye Meri Aankhon Ke Pehle Sapne (Mann Mandir – 1971) : A very touching song which moves me like anything whenever I listen to it. It’s a lullaby sung by a father (and Mother too) to make the little one sleep. Sung by both Mukesh and Lata for Sanjeev Kumar and Waheeda Rehman respectively, this song has come from the pen of Rajinder Krishan and the melodious tune is the creation of Laxmikaant Pyaarelaal.

  1. Chanda Hai Tu Mera Sooraj Hai Tu (Aradhana – 1969) : A popular song which echoes a mother’s affection for her kid. Sung by Lata for Sharmila Tagore, this song has been penned by Anand Bakshi and composed by Sachin Da (S.D. Burman).


  1. Chakke Mein Chakka, Chakke Mein Gaadi (Brahmchaari – 1968) : A hilarious children’s song filmed on Shammi Kapoor and the child artists, penned by Shailendra, composed by Shankar Jaikishan and sung by Rafi.

  1. Hai Na Bolo Bolo (Andaz – 1971) : A popular song consisting of family bliss being expressed by the children. Sung by Mohammed Rafi, Pratibha, Suman Kalyanpur and Sushma Shrestha; filmed on Shammi Kapoor, Hemal Malini and the child artists (Master Alankar and Baby Gauree); written by Hasrat Jaipuri and composed by Shankar Jaikishan.


  1. Re Mama Re Mama Re (Andaz – 1971) : Another very good children’s song from the same movie with the lyricist and the composer being the same. Rafi has sung it for Shammi Kapoor who is singing it for his loving little daughter (Baby Gauree) in the movie.

  1. Bada Natkhat Hai Re Krishna Kanhaiya (Amar Prem – 1972) : A song depicting the sentiment of a mother who is not the natural mother of the kid (just like Yashoda was for Krishna). Sharmila Tagore has performed on Lata’s voice (with Master Bobby). R.D. Burman has composed the lyric of Anand Bakshi.


  1. Bam Bam Bole, Masti Mein Dole (Taare Zameen Par – 2007) : A highly popular song known to all. Sung by Shaan and Amir Khan, authored by Prasoon Joshi and composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, this song has been filmed on Aamir Khan and the child artists (including Darsheel Safaari who happens to be the hero of the movie).

In addition to the above, following children’s songs are also very good :

  1. Chalo Chalen Maa, Sapno Ke Gaon Mein (Jagriti -1954) : A very touching song sung by a kid addressing his mother. Kavi Pradeep’s fragrant lyric has been melodiously composed by Hemant Da (Hemant Kumar). It’s been sung by Asha and filmed on the child artist – Ratan Kumar and Pronoti Ghosh being his mother.

  1. Raati Gayi Phir Din Aata Hai (Boot Polish – 1954) : A very touching as well as a very inspiring song filmed on David, Baby Naaz, Master Ratan and several other child artists. The lyric penned by Saraswati Kumar Deepak is of high literary value. Manna Dey and Asha have sung it under the music direction of Shankar Jaikishan.

  1. Eechak Daana Beechak Daana, Daane Oopar Daana (Shree 420 -1955) : A very hilarious song in which puzzles are asked by the lady teacher from the little students. Mainly Lata has sung it for Nargis but Mukesh has also given his voice for Raj Kapoor who is also there in the scene. Hasrat Jaipuri’s lyrics has been composed by Shankar Jaikishan.

  1. Naani Teri Morni Ko Mor Le Gaye (Masoom – 1960) : A very popular children’s song of its time which has been sung by the little singer – Raanu Mukherji for the child artist – Honey Irani in the movie. Hemant Kumar has composed Shailendra’s lyric.

  1. Atkan Batkan Dahi Chatokan (Barood – 1960) : Lata has given her voice for Kumkum (singing for Honey Irani in the movie with Sudhir and Sheikh Mukhtar also in the scene) for this hilarious song which has been authored by Hasrat and composed by Khayyam.

  1. Daadi Amma Daadi Amma, Maan Jaao (Gharana – 1961) : A touching song filmed on Lalita Pawar (as Daadi Amma) and the child artistes which has been sung by Asha Bhosle and Kamal Barot. Ravi has composed the lyric of Shakeel Badayuni.

  1. Poochho Koi Sawaal Bachchon Poochho Koi Sawaal (Nartakee – 1963) : A very hilarious and laugh-generating song containing questions asked by the students from their teachers who is not able to correctly answer them (because he is not a proficient teacher). Filmed on the famous comedian Agha and many child artists, this song has been sung by Usha Khanna, Usha Mangeshkar, Kamal Barot, Mohammed Rafi. Shakeel Badayuni’s lyric has been composed by Ravi.

  1. Chhutti Aa Gaee (Naunihaal – 1967) : Schoolgoing children are very fond of holidays and vacations (called Chhutti in Indian lingo) and whenever they come, there is no end to the children’s joy. This song portrays the same only. Sung by Kamal Barot, Krishna Kalle and chorus, this song has been filmed on Master Bablu and other child artists. Kaifi Aazmi’s lyric has been composed by Madan Mohan.

  1. Ek Tha Bachpan, Ek Tha Bachpan (Aashirwaad – 1968) : This beautiful and touching song is first recited as poetry by Ashok Kumar to his little daughter (Baby Deepali) in the movie. However when the little daughter is grown up (as Sumita Sanyal), the song is filmed on her with rhythm, beats and music) with the now aged father listening to it (being separated from his daughter at that moment). Gulzaar’s lyric has been composed by Vasant Desai and Lata has sung it.


  1. Rail Gaadi Rail Gaadi (Aashirwaad – 1968) : A very entertaining children’s song sung by Ashok Kumar for himself only in the movie with several child artists being in the scene. Composed by Vasant Desai and penned by Gulzaar.

  1. Naav Chali (Aashirwaad – 1968) : A similar children’s song from the same movie with the credits for singing, acting, penning and composing being the same.


  1. Jhingapur Taakur Takur (Aashirwaad – 1968) : Another children’s song from the same movie with all the credits being the same again.


  1. Natkhat Nanhi Laadli (Nanha Farishta – 1969) : A lovely song sung by Lata for Padmini (singing for her little daughter – Baby Raani in the movie). Saahir’s lyric has been composed by Kalyanji Anandji.

  1. Bachche Mein Hai Bhagwaan (Nanha Farishta – 1969) : A song which underscores my faith that child is nothing but another form of the Almighty. This song is sung by three principal characters of the movie played by Pran, Ajit and Anwar Hussain for the child artist Baby Raani in the movie. Rafi, Manna Dey and Kishore have given their voices for them. Kalyanji Anandji have composed Saahir’s lyric.


  1. Aaya Re Khilone Waala Khel Khilone Le Ke Aaya Re (Bachpan – 1970) : Children have a very special attachment with toys. This song is in this context only. Filmed on Sanjeev Kumar (being the toy-seller in the movie) and the child artists viz. Sachin, Master Shaahid, Mehmood Junior etc., this song has been penned by Anand Bakshi, composed by Laxmikant Pyaarelaal and sung by Rafi.


  1. Saare Ke Saare Gaama Ko Lekar Gaate Chale (Parichay – 1972) : An immensely beautiful children’s song full of frolic which has been penned by filmmaker Gulzar himself and composed by Pancham Da (R.D. Burman). Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle have sung it for Jeetendra, Jaya Bhaduri and the child artistes of the story.

  1. Maine Kaha Phoolon Se Hanso Aur Wo Khilkhila Kar Hans Diye (Mili – 1975) : A popular song sung by Lata for Jaya Bhaduri with the beautiful lyric penned by Yogesh and composed by S.D. Burman.

  1. Aao Tumhen Chaand Pe Le Jaayen (Zakhmee – 1975) : A song sung by Lata and Sushma for Asha Parekh and Baby Pinky (Sunil Dutt also there in the scene). Gauhar Kanpuri’s lyric has been composed by Bappi Lahiri.

  1. Kirno Si Jagmagaaye (Rani Aur Laalpari – 1975) : An inspirational song filmed on school children performing on the stage. It covers the sentiment of patriotism and national unity also. Baby Raani and other child artists have performed on the voices of Asha, Dilraaj Kaur and chorus (with Asha, Danny Denjongpa etc. shown as sitting in the audience). Vasant Desai has composed the highly admirable lyric of famous Hindi poet – Baalkavi Bairaagi.

  1. Mummy Ko Chummi, Papa Ko Pyar (Rani Aur Laalpari – 1975) : The kid (Baby Raani) shows her love for her parents in this song which has been sung by Dilraaj Kaur, penned by Baalkavi Bairaagi and composed by Vasant Desai.


  1. Luk Chhip Luk Chhip Jaao Na (Do Anjaane – 1976) : A heart-conquering song filmed on father Amitabh Bachchan and his son in the movie – Master Lucky which has been sung by Kishore Kumar, penned by Anjaan and composed by Kalyanji Anandji.

  1. Lalla Lalla Lori, Doodh Ki Katori (Mukti – 1977) : A popular lullaby of its time, this song has been penned by Anand Bakshi, composed by R.D. Burman, sung by Lata and Mukesh jointly as well as separately for Vidya Sinha and Shashi Kapoor respectively.

  1. Phool Jaisi Muskaan Teri, Tu Banega Pehchaan Meri (Taqdeerwala – 1995) : A song echoing a mother’s sentiment towards her little one. Sadhana Sargam has given her voice for Reema Lagoo and Anand Milind have composed Sameer’s lyric.

And finally, I mention one song which is a children’s song only while listening to but filmed on grown-up actors in the movie. It is  – Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari (Kabhi-Kabhie – 1976) which has been sung by Lata Mangeshkar for Waheeda Rehman in the movie. The scene contains Neetu Singh and Naseem as Waheeda’s daughters and Amitabh Bachchan as her husband listening to the song from her mouth.

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6 Responses to Bachchon Tum Taqdeer Ho Kal Ke Hindustan Ki …

  1. Nice compilation! Bache man ke sache is one of my all time favourites!

  2. Excellent collection Jitendra.. Hats off to your keen interest in such a topic.. Equally well presented.. I was taken back to the sweet memories of few of these songs being sung in our earlier days.. Thanks for the good presentation!

  3. Wonderful collection on the Children’s Day. My favourite is the song from Jagruti.

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