Romance in old age ! Why not ?

Male-female love is an eternal truth reappearing every moment and at every place in this mortal world since the times of Adam and Eve. In science, it is asserted that opposite charges attract each other and similarly the opposite ends of the magnets attract each other. And perhaps in the similar fashion (designed by the Almighty), opposite sexes attract each other, irrespective of cast, religion, race, province, language, appearance and age as well. Love has been facing challenges and opposition from multiple sides for ages, yet it survives. Kuchh Baat Hai Ki Hasti Mitati Nahin Hai Pyar Ki. Whether it’s a palace or a hovel, whether it’s a metro city or a very small remotely placed village, whether it’s a posh area or a slum and finally whether the involved persons are children or youths or the aged ones; love happens. It’s the biggest gift of the Almighty to the mankind (in fact, almost all the creatures in this world). Even the people creating a havoc (in India) on every Valentine’s Day and troubling the dating couples, find themselves struck by the cupid’s arrow one fine morning in their lives.

As I have mentioned in the first para itself, opposite charges (and sexes) attract each other. Hence mutual attraction, infatuation and finally love can take place between a male and a female at any age and in any phase of life. When it can happen in young age, then why not in old age ? The functioning of heart and the sentiments embedded therein remains the same in the old age as it is in the young age. In fact, the fascination and the love in old age tend to be more mature and meaningful because it gets more platonic than sensual. I don’t know about females but being a male, I frankly admit that I always feel more comfortable in sharing my private feelings, pains and anguishes with a (like-minded) female than a male.And that’s how this beautiful and touching movie has been made which I had seen in its year of release itself (2005). I sincerely thank esteemed reviewer, Deepa Swaminathan  for inspiring me to write the review of this movie which I found very close to my heart when I watched it. It reminded me of a classic Hindi novel penned by esteemed Hindi authoress, Usha Priyamvada – Pachpan Khambhe Laal Deewaaren (fifty-five pillars and red walls) which narrates the stuffiness and loneliness of a lady who gives away her whole life as holocaust for the happiness and prosperity of her family members, not a single of whom (not even her mother) gives a damn for her feelings, desires and needs and even her sacrifices are never acknowledged by them. It happens with many ladies (and gentlemen too) who, after devoting decades of their lives, including the complete youth phase, get nothing in return from the beneficiaries. What should such lonely people do when life provides them a second chance to get their happiness and some worthy fellow’s love ? Pyar Mein Twist provides the simplest answer – they should not let the opportunity slip out of their hands and grab their share of joys and satisfaction which they, as human-beings, are entitled to.Initially titled as Pal Tham Gaya (the moment paused) and later retitled as Pyaar Mein Twist (a twist in love), this movie tells the story of two lonely fellows – Yash (Rishi Kapoor) and Sheetal (Dimple Kapadia) who are single parents and have spent almost the entire period of their golden years, fostering their children and managing their lives, ignoring their own. Life brings them together and then they have to make a decision whether to lead the remaining part of it as the erstwhile one or choose the option of living together with the love of each other. The negative and non-understanding attitude of their children is the biggest obstacle with an additional one for the lady whose daughter (Soha Ali Khan) is engaged and she can ill-afford to let her image maligned before the would-be in-laws of her daughter lest the matrimonial alliance should be broken. However, her aunt (Farida Jalaal) gives her strength and encourages her to spend her remaining life for herself and not for the sake of others. And then our (now) aged pair of Bobby (1973) repeats its teenager act of Bobby itself by fleeing away from their homes without letting their family members know their whereabouts. The exercise of their respective families of searching them reduces the mental distances between the concerned people and finally they come to understand that their parents too are, after all, human-beings only and possess a right to love and be loved.

Director Hriday Shetty has handled this simple script quite skillfully and maintained interest for the viewers throughout. Technically the movie is okay. Music by Jatin-Lalit has nothing much to boast of other than the repeated (in piecemeal) song – Pal Tham Gaya and the remix of a hit song from Rishi Kapoor’s old movie, Khel Khel Mein (1975)Khullamkhulla Pyar Karenge Hum Dono. However the biggest strength of this movie is its lead pair only. Obese, yet attractive, Rishi Kapoor and the ever-gorgeous Dimple (today is her birthday) have proved that they can recreate the Bobby magic even after a long gap of 32 years. They deserve a big hand indeed. The supporting cast, including the debutante Soha Ali Khan, has done its part well. Satish Shah and Farida Jalaal stand out and make their presence felt.Abraham Maslow kept love in the middle of the pyramid of his need hierarchy starting from the physiological needs (at the bottom) and reaching upto the need of self-actualization (at the peak). However I consider it as the basic and the most important need for a sizable chunk of the human-race. As stated above, even those who do not love or give importance to love, also need love. And there is no rule that you cannot date with or romance with someone of your choice in the mature age. I salute Sahara India for producing such a lovable and touching movie. If you put a premium on love, this movie is just for you only.

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4 Responses to Romance in old age ! Why not ?

  1. Body ages, but feelings never.
    On a lighter note, we have living examples in the form of Asharam Bapu, Digvijay Singh and Shashi Tharoor.
    About the celebrities in the west, the less said the better.
    Coming to the movie, this is the first time I am hearing about the movie. Will watch it sometime.

    • Barring Shashi Tharoor, the examples given by you are inapt Durga Prasad Ji. Debauchery is not love. True love is bound to be pure even when it involves physical intimacy of the lovers. Please do watch this movie which is a highly sensitive as well as sensible one. I am sure, you will definitely like it.

  2. rationalraj2000 says:

    Being a film buff particularly the older ones, I find your posts an enjoyable read with its racy style of narration. Keep writing:)

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