The most peaceful place for me in the world

I had joined at Rajasthan Atomic Power Station, Rawatbhata, Rajasthan in January 2001. Due to radiation effect, the atomic power plant has been installed more than 10 kilometres away from the residential area. Buses of the plant run throughout the day to carry the employees to the plant and bring them back to their residential quarters allotted to them in the colonies.

Being very fond of driving my scooter, I used to go here and there on that, exploring the area which was new for me in those days. Due to my unsuccessful attempt at the Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) examination and some problems in life, I used to remain a bit disturbed. It was some day (I don’t remember the exact date) in the 3rd week of July 2001, when just casually driving my scooter, I took the road heading towards the plant. After driving for around 4-5 kilometres on the see-saw and the zigzag road (because it’s a plateau region), I reached a small temple painted in white which I used to see from the window of the bus during my everyday to and fro journeys of the office but had never visited it before.When I reached there, I found nobody at the temple and the place to be a desolated one. Though the main iron gate of the temple was closed, there’s a small revolving door through which a devotee could enter the premises for the sake of Darshan. After entering it, I found it to be a temple of Saibaba. The idol of Saibaba alongwith some other relevant things were behind a grill with a lock on that. However it’s possible to have the Darshan through the grill also. The small temple was on an equally small platform with two small benches of stone lying there. A small Parikrama (the passage for going round the shrine) was also there and at that time there was no roof except over the head of the deity. The place was clean, a small Hanuman temple seemed to be under construction just near the Saibaba temple within the same premises and a basil plant was also there.

But finally, the intangible but all pervasive thing present there was peace. I was so overwhelmed by the peace prevailing there that I spent more than half an hour at that place, praying alone and thinking about life. When I left from there, heading towards my residential quarter in the Anu Kiran Colony, I had decided firmly to visit that place frequently. And thereafter for the next six years till I remained at that place (Rawatbhata), it was the favourite place of myself and my family members (earlier my wife and daughter only and later on my son also) to visit and spend quality time there. Gradually the owners made certain changes in the temple and the under construction Hanuman temple also got built up completely. Myself alongwith wife and children took pleasure in visiting there with tea in thermos in the mornings of the Winter and evenings of the Summer. After the Darshan, myself and my wife used to have tea there amidst talks with my child (daughter or son or both) enjoying in own way. Being very fond of photography (especially casual photography), I took several snaps of the family members there which are now the mementos of that period.
However, my solo visits to that place were more important to me than the family visits. I got genuine tranquility there. Since it’s a private property, sometimes people were there when some Pooja or other function was taking place. In the mornings, some lady from the owners used to visit there for sweeping the place and lighting the lamp before the deity. However, mostly it was secluded and consequentially peaceful. I started visiting the temple almost everyday and on several occasions, twice a day. Whenever I was disturbed or finding myself devoid of inner peace, I drove my scooter and reached the Saibaba temple. Other than the silence, the things I got free of cost there were cool breeze and an utterly natural environment. At night, either watching the moon or the stars in the sky or looking at the lights of the town (since it’s situated at an upward location whereas the town is on the downward location) from there provided me indescribable pleasure.

I spent thousands of rupees for visiting various high-profile religious places in India and found that the thing worshipped at such places is not the Lord but wealth only. Now I am completely disillusioned with visiting such famous places where money rules and not the devotion. Now I firmly believe that when my Lord is within my heart, I need not go to any high profile place to contact Him or feel Him. For me that modest Saibaba temple is the most important temple in the world where I got that peace of mind which I didn’t get anywhere else.

Times change and nothing remains the same in this mortal world. Recently I visited Rawatbhata during my Rajasthan visit and went to the temple for two consecutive mornings. It’s no longer white as it used to be years back. It’s been made colourful, killing the original simplicity of the place. It may also not remain desolated in future. However the memories of that period will always be cherished by me in my heart.

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8 Responses to The most peaceful place for me in the world

  1. pranju says:

    I have respect for those who believe in peace of mind as the sign of worship rather than religious rituals and mindless donations to temples.

  2. I have also experienced peace of mind in may non-descript temples compared to the popular and crowded ones. Your post reminds me particularly of the Narayana Temple near my maternal grand parent’s village. It is a very old temple.

  3. matheikal says:

    The quietest and simplest places are the best for spiritual quests. I too have experienced similar joys in strange places.

  4. Earlier i used to visit some temples(not so crowded/full of wealth) but i always found peace of mind being ‘far from the madding crowd” in the agricultural filed 1KM away from the border of my home town,clean sky, starry evenings and mild wind attracts me a lot.
    Very nice write-up and totally agree with your sentence…”that the things worshiped…. but the wealth only.”…..

    • I can effortlessly empathize with you Jyotirmoy. I am also built that way only. I always find real peace in the lap of the mother nature only with quietness prevailing all around. And hearty thanks.

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