Love had to blossom anyway

Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha (1998) is a rom-com which entertains the audience like anything for the major part of it, especially during the pre-interval session. Real life couple Ajay Devgan and Kajol have been starred in this remake of a Hollywood movie – French Kiss (1995). I watched it in theater (the world famous Raj Mandir cinema of Jaipur) when it was released and its first half entertained me to the extent that I watched it in theater again and then many times on TV also.

Pyar To Hona Hi Tha (love had to blossom anyway) starts with the journey of Sanjana (Kajol) from abroad (Peris perhaps) to Delhi in search of her fiance Rahul (Bijoy Anand) who has fallen in love with a rich girl Nisha (Kashmira Shah) and deserted her for the sake of that. She comes across Shekhara(Ajay Devgan) during the plane journey and then they cross paths quite frequently with Sanjana ultimately finding herself as landing in the hometown of Shekhar which is a small village in Punjab named as Shaamla Kot. She has already understood that Shekhar is a thief but after meeting Shekhar’s family, she comes to know the reason behind his becoming a thief. Shekhar commits to her that he will bring her fiance back to her but as we know, in the exercise aiming at bringing the heroine’s fiance back to her, the heroine comes to understand that it’s the hero who deserves to be her beau and not her greedy fiance. The hero is already in love with her within his heart and he also comes to know of her love for him before the movie ends. Arre Bhai, it’s a Hindi movie in which love had to blossom anyway between the leading gentleman and the leading lady (Pyar To Hona Hi Tha).The movie boasts of a highly entertaining first half which is full of comic moments demonstrating that Kajol is proficient in not only profound roles but also comedy. Her comic timing is amazing. Ajay Devgan has done the dual duty of making the audience laugh as well as making it feel his hidden emotion and stuffiness through his wonderful underplay. The activities involving the interactions of Om Puri playing the cop chasing the hero and Shekhar are quite hilarious and sensational (especially the sequence in which Shekhar allows his vehicle to run into a running train to get rid of the chasing cops). The activities of a petty thief (Mushtaq Khan) and the receptionist of a hotel (Adi Irani) also entertain the audience very much.In the village also, though the movie gets a bit sentimental when the facts pertaining to the hero’s family come out before the audience on a layer-by-layer basis; there is no dearth of amusement and entertainment. The hero’s interaction with a barber and his losing his mustache are no less than a laugh riot for the viewers.The happenings in the hero’s home contain the engagement ceremony of the hero’s sister also where a beautiful engagement song takes place. The interval comes at the most appropriate point, generating curiosity in the audience for the second half of the movie.

However in the second half, the movie dips and it does not remain so entertaining as it has been in the first half. The cinematic liberties taken in the first half are ignored by the audience because the entertainment rendered does not allow it to take any notice of them. However in the second half, the artificiality of the things shown glares straight into the viewer’s eyes. Gradually the viewer gets bored and, naturally, starts looking at his watch to check how far is the inevitable, i.e., the union of the hero and the heroine so that the movie may end. All the same, the overall impact of the movie on the audience remains positive only.

Writer-director Anees Bazmee has skilfully used the story available with him (borrowed from French Kiss) alongwith the real life romantic relationship of the lead pair to make an entertaining movie. He falters in the post interval session but in the end, it turns out to be a paisa-vasool movie which nobody regrets after watching.Dialogs are good and apt for the script. Ajay Devgan’s pet dialog – Aisa Hi Hoon Main (I am built that way only) is very impressive and amusing especially because Ajay delivers it in a peculiar way which is in sync with his character in the movie.

Jatin Lalit have prepared good music for the movie. Engagement song – Aaj Hai Sagaai, Sunn Ladki Ke Bhai is the best song of the album. Its choreography is also wonderful. Next is Jab Kisi Ki Taraf Dil Jhukne Lage sung by Kumar Sanu. Other songs (including the title track) are also nice to listen as well as to watch on the screen.

The movie boasts of high production value. The locations of both India and abroad have been shown very beautifully, making the movie a visual treat for the audience. Technically it’s admirable but the length of the movie is just too much and should have been less.

Real life lovers Ajay and Kajol have done wonderfully here, showing different colours of their acting talent. Their real love must have helped them in performing. After Gupt (1997) Om Puri again brilliantly presents the character of a cop who means business but amuses through his activities all the same. The complete supporting cast has done well. However Bijoy Anand and Kashmira Shah are over the top and unnatural. Perhaps they are the victims of their poorly crafted roles.

Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha is an entertaining movie with a lot of fun and laughs for the audience. Hence I unconditionally recommend it to the entertainment seekers. Overall it’s a one time watch. However the first half can be watched many times also.

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8 Responses to Love had to blossom anyway

  1. xhobdo says:

    Just read your review. Nice.
    ” Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha” one of my favorite film.

  2. Nice review sir. The title song specially for Jaspinder Narula is still one of my favorite songs

  3. Wonderful review and you are right to say that the first half can be watched many times… 🙂

  4. Trayee says:

    Great review Sir…I loved the movie as i am a great fan of Kajal..

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