I wannasay something …. that I love you

Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai (2001) is a movie which I wanted to watch on the big screen when it was released but couldn’t and later, watched it on the small screen only when it was telecast on Zee TV in October 2002. Despite the fact that the movie got average commercial success and it’s a remake of a Telugu movie – Tholi Prema (1998), I am reviewing it because I liked it very much.mujhe-kucch-kehna-haiMujhe Kuchh Kehna Hai (I have something to say) is a romantic movie but it portrays silent love in the hearts of teenagers who are hesitant to express their feelings to their love-interest because of fear of refusal. In this teenybopper love story, the boy feels his love towards the girl since her very first sight but unable to convey it to the girl whereas the girl comes to know of her feelings towards the boy in the end only. And in between goes a rom-com with songs, comedy and some action, summing up to an entertaining journey for the spectator.indexMujhe Kuchh Kehna Hai tells the story of Karan (Tushar Kapoor) and the narrative moves with him only. He belongs to a well off family with a loving mother (Himani Shivpuri), a stern father (Dalip Taahil), a benevolent and jolly uncle who is his father’s elder brother (Amrish Puri), a loving and caring elder brother (Pankaj Berry) and an affectionate sister, Priya (Rinkie Khanna). Karan is careless as far as the studies are concerned. However he is kind and helping by nature and ever ready to do anything for friends. Amidst the frolic and enjoyment of his happy-go-lucky life, appears Pooja (Kareena Kapoor). Karan starts feeling some unknown bond between himself and herself and once she gets introduced to him by sheer stroke of luck, gradually love blossoms in his heart. But what to say and how to say, is his dilemma. Hence he remains content with his one-sided love only. However silent waves keep on going from his heart towards Pooja’s heart and when she is about to depart for abroad (for pursuing higher studies), all of a sudden Karan’s love becomes visible to her something like an illumination in her heart. Now she is no more willing to leave India but Karan admonishes her and they conclude to wait for each other and let their love ripen with time while pursuing their respective careers meantime.mkkhMujhe Kuchh Kehna Hai has a youth appeal and the director of this movie, Satish Kaushik has handled the plot of the original Telugu movie with utmost care. He has presented an entertaining movie to the audience with ample doses of comedy and emotions. In addition to the silent love between a boy and a girl, the movie highlights family bonds also in an impressive manner. All the angles in a family, viz. brother and sister, father and son, uncle and nephew, elder brother and younger brother etc. have been developed very well. Only the relation between mother and son has been downplayed. The father who has a perennial resentment with his careless son, becomes restless in the climax to know that the love-interest of his son is leaving India and gets too much concerned for the feelings of the boy, leaving all his resentment towards him behind. Similarly, the emotional bond between a brother and a somewhat elder sister has also been underscored very well. The brother knows that his sister who is pursuing the course of medicine, isn’t willing to marry a doctor and it’s her dream to marry a pilot, is stunned to know that ultimately, it’s a doctor only who is going to be his brother-in-law. And then, he is further amazed to know that it’s his sister herself who has arranged this marriage because the groom has been in love with her for three years and she feels that it will be unwise to turn down the proposal of such a loving person. The sister understands the sentiments of her brother towards Pooja very well and she is less a sister, more a friend. In my view, an ideal family should be like that only with everyone caring for everyone else.


The character of the hero’s uncle has a comic flavour and enough laughs have been generated through it for the audience. The activities of the hero and his friends are also rib-tickling (though some action has also been forced through them). Though most of the characters playing the hero’s friends are sketchy and somewhat over the top, they are able to amuse the spectator. The scene in which a friend of the hero gains a lift from him to attend an interview by lying to him that he had seen the hero’s love-interest there and the hero’s reaction upon coming to know of this cheating is touching and an eye-opener for many. Seek help of a benevolent person by telling him the truth instead of playing with his emotions by lying to him. I praise the script-writer for thinking of such a thing which is a lesson for life.

This entertaining movie boasts of good music by Anu Malik also. In fact, the chartbuster songs were also a factor in its (limited) commercial success. The title track, Pyar Re Dil Maange Pyar Re, Man Dole Mera Tan Dole, Ankhiyon Ne Raat Kya Jaadu Kiya, Is Pyar Ko Main Kya Naam Doon etc. are all good to listen. However the song which won my heart is Jab Se Dekha Hai Tere Haath Ka Chaand, Maine Dekha Nahin Raat Ka Chaand in which Tushar visualizes the moon made by myrtle on the palm of Pooja while getting lost in his romantic thoughts of hers.

This is the debut movie of Jeetendra’s son Tushar Kapoor and he is so-so. Frankly, enough maturity does not seem to have come to him to play the pivotal role despite the fact that the role is of a teenager. The heroine of this movie – Kareena looks more mature than him. This is her second movie only (after her debut movie – Refugee which had come one year earlier, i.e., in 2000). Kareena is a natural actress and despite the story being roaming around the hero, it’s her character only which lays the foundation for his character as well as the story. She has managed well with the hero. Rinkie Khanna as the hero’s sister is brilliant. The complete supporting cast including Brajesh Hirjee, Hemant Pandey etc. playing the hero’s buddies is perfectly in place. However the actor who is entitled for a gold medal for his acting (in my view) is Amrish Puri who as the romantic and frolicsome uncle of the hero is awesome in his performance. The screen gets lighted up whenever he appears.

Technically the movie is good. Art direction, cinematography, choreography, action, background score etc. everything is up to the mark. Producer Vashu Bhagnani has, like always, kept the production value as high. An interesting trivia is that considering the name of his company (Pooja Entertainment), he always keeps the name of the heroine of the movie made under his banner as Pooja only.

I am surprised to see many negative reviews of this movie, calling it boring and irritating. Well, to each his own. I did not find this movie as boring at any place and got impressed by the overall product. May be because I am a romantic as well as an emotional person who puts a premium on silent and underplayed love. Once again I recall the never-to-forget lines of esteemed movie reviewer Aruna T. (better known as moviezombie) – Movie viewing is so subjective….never know who it reaches out to and how. Review is about feelings and what the movie evokes in one. This is the only logical explanation for the difference between the opinion of  Jitendra Mathur and many other reviewers regarding this movie. I know it personally that how difficult it is for a sensitive boy (or girl) to tell someone of opposite sex – ‘I love you.’ Three words ! Just three words ! But how difficult to be conveyed to Mr. (or Miss) Right !

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4 Responses to I wannasay something …. that I love you

  1. I have watched this movie two times and you have given a very nice review.

  2. Loved reading your review. I watched this movie long back and enjoyed it. I especially loved Kareena in this movie 🙂

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