Newcomers shine in this penitence cum love saga

A Bollywood movie made with newcomer actors is successful only when either the newcomers are from high profile Bollywood families and the movie is released with a lot of hype and pre-release publicity or when the movie is indeed very well made and truly deserves success and applause. Tum Bin… (2001) falls into the second category.29264-tum-bin-2001The story of Tum Bin (sans you) revolves around the character of Piya (Sandali Sinha) who is all set to marry her beau Amar (Rakesh Baapat) when he dies in a car accident which involves Shekhar (Priyanshu Chatterjee). Out of his guilty-conscience and a desire for penitence, Shekhar joins the concern of Amar which is now run by Piya and facing acute financial problems. Shekhar, with his hard work, not only brings the company out of troubles and turn it into a viable one but also renders emotional support to Piya so that she could get out of her grief. In this process he happens to fall in love with Piya. One rich businessman Abhigyan (Himanshu Mallik) proposes to Piya to take over her company as well as marry her. Now Piya who appreciates Shekhar’s efforts made for her company and also feels within her that perhaps Shekhar loves her, is in a fix. In such a situation, this truth is revealed to her that Shekhar only was responsible for the death of her beau Amar. The movie ends on a positive note after a tense emotional drama.tum-bin-full-movie-download-freeThe story of a man’s accidentally killing someone and then falling in love with his woman has been presented on the screen on quite a few occasions in Bollywood. I don’t know where the original inspiration comes from but this theme was earlier used by Gulzaar quite beautifully to make Kinara (1977) casting Jeetendra, Hema Malini and Dharmendra in lead roles. With my due respect to the legendary filmmaker Gulzaar, I express my personal opinion that Tum Bin is more interesting than the star-studded and slow-paced Kinaara. The script is very well written and director Anubhav Sinha has maintained the flow of the narrative quite skilfully without allowing the audience to get bored at any point.

Kinara was made by Gulzaar with the top stars of Hindi cinema whereas Anubhav Sinha has made this movie with newcomers and to his great credit, he has extracted brilliant performances from all the four newcomers out of which three are purely debutantes despite the fact that this is his debut also as a film director. Priyanshu Chatterjee is the best performer followed by Sandali. Rakesh Baapat and Himanshu Mallik alongwith the supporting cast also have done well. Good performances have helped the director in making the movie an impressive one.

Shot completely in Canada, Tum Bin is a visual treat. It’s a eye-soothing and heart-soothing colourful celluloid trip to Canada. The cinematographer deserves a lot of applause for his work. The movie is technically sound though the length should have been less.

Nikhil-Vinay’s music is another big plus point of Tum Bin. The title track, Chhoti Chhoti Raatein Lambi Ho Jaati Hain, Tumhare Siva Kuchh Na Chhhat Karenge, Koi Fariyaad Tere Dil Mein Dabi Ho Jaise, Pyar Humko Hone Laga etc. are quite melodious. Faiz Anwar’s lyrics written for them are meaningful and touching. The songs of Tum Bin have a long life and they are fondly listened to by the music lovers even after so many years.

This theme was again used barely one and a half years later in Dil Ka Rishta (2003) in which Arjun Raampaal and Aishwarya Rai played the lead roles and interestingly, it’s Priyanshu Chatterjee who played the role of the dying man. However Dil Ka Rishta could not become as impressive as Tum Bin.

The message of this story is – move ahead in life, leaving the past behind and forgiving someone if he is truly repenting upon whatever negative (inadvertently) got done by him. Philosophically talking, love and hatred are two sides of the same coin. The way sometimes excess love for someone takes the shape of hatred, the same way we may happen to love someone we have hated a lot. Life never stops. It keeps on moving. Hence we also should move on and allow the wounds of the past to be healed.

I recommend this beautiful movie to all who like love stories and emotional dramas.

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5 Responses to Newcomers shine in this penitence cum love saga

  1. girlandworld says:

    Tum bin was a beautiful movie

  2. Yes, I liked the movie. the songs were beautiful as well… 🙂

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