Plagiarism – An Incurable Disease

It’s the early morning hours and I just now read a satirical story – CHORI NAYE MAKAAN KI (the theft of a new house) in a book which is a collection of decades old Hindi satires written on the Indian police system. I am writing this post immediately because I found this decades old story as the ditto of the story of a Bollywood movie – Well Done Abba which was released in March 2010. Now the writer of this satirical story (Ramesh Gupt) which I have read just now could not have plagiarized the idea because this satire is decades old (more than the quarter of a century at least). Then definitely the moviemaker, the highly renowned Mr. Shyam Benegal has used this story without giving any credit to the original writer. However in his movie, he has given credit for the story to Jeelani Bano for her story – Narsaiyyan Ki Baavdi and Sanjeev for his story – Phulwa Ka Pul and called the story of his movie as a combination of the two. However after reading this satire – Chori Naye Makaan Ki, I am forced to think that these esteemed writers who are enjoying the credit of their respective stories must have plagiarized this very old satire.

Very disgusting indeed. This is only an illustration. In fact, plagiarism has spread everywhere like a contagious disease. Stories, articles, ideas and what not are plagiarized for all kinds of write-ups, plays, movies and the like quite shamelessly. And no forum is any exception in this regard where people are posting the creations of others showing them as their own.

I am not able to think of any cure or remedy for this disease. Copyright is one thing but until and unless the original writer is aware of the plagiarization, how can he bring the copyright provisions into picture ? At the time of plagiarization, he may not be alive. Besides, several simple and low-profile (and less educated) authors do not get their copyrights registered too. Hence the high-profile and smart thieves go scotfree with their unforgivable deed of plagiarizing. The original author may not get any material benefit but getting the credit of his creation or his idea is his basic and natural right which should not be snatched.

Neither is it possible to catch such theft every time nor is there any fool-proof way to prevent it every time. Ultimately it comes down to the conscience and morality of the people only. In my view, this canker-like disease is incurable. However potential remedies invented by wise men are always welcome.

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About Jitendra Mathur

A Chartered Accountant with literary passion and a fondness for fine arts
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4 Responses to Plagiarism – An Incurable Disease

  1. Archie says:


  2. Plagiarism- a very disgusting disease. Naming and shaming is the only way we can stop people from indulging in this.

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