Make in India vs. Made in India

There has been a noise of ‘Make in India’ all over for quite some time. The honorable premier of India is chanting this mantra time and again before his countrymen as well as the others. However it appears that his mantra is meant more for the foreign entrepreneurs and investors and less for his fellow nationals. I don’t know whether any of the naive and trusting Indians has noticed that the message inherent in these three words which is meant for the Mr. Moneybags living abroad as well as the giant multinational companies only is – Quote : ‘Enter India and use your capital alongwith the local resources and the laws especially made friendly for you to make things’. Unquote : And then sell your products to the Indians only at the prices covering your whooping profits’. Well . . .

I hope, the music lovers remember the main song ‘Made in India’ of the highly popular music album of Alisha Chinai released in 1995 whose title itself was ‘Made in India’. Made in India was the buzzword those days despite the so-called liberalization and globalization campaign propagated by the Govt. of India. Remember the advertisement of Bajaj Scooter aired on TV channels those days which asserted loud and clear – ‘Buland Bhaarat Ki Buland Tasveer, Hamaara Bajaj’. The main word in that catchy advertisement line was ‘Hamaara’ (our). We were proud of the things which were Made in India because they were made by the Indians and their sale fetched prosperity for the Indians only.

Mahatma Gandhi was the founding pillar of the Swadeshi campaign in the colonial India and this campaign was an integral part of the nationwide movement aiming at the liberation from the shackles of slavery. It’s the Swadeshi movement which had stirred up the entire nation with the strengthening of patriotism in the Indian hearts to such an extent that pyres of foreign made products were burnt in several nooks and corners of India with the burners taking a pledge never to use foreign made products and opt for Swadeshi goods only. It’s that the patriotism which went ahead to thaw the fetters of the colonial rule and politically liberated us after a few decades. I have used the word ‘politically’ in the context of liberation because, unfortunately, we could not be liberated mentally. This gaga over ‘Make in India’ without understanding its hidden long term motive, its nitty-gritty and its forthcoming repercussions renders the feeling that our psyche is still a slave only. We behave like a herd and not like sensible citizens.

Post-independence too, Mahatma Gandhi wanted the small and the cottage industries to develop more and more in our country so that a gargantuan army of educated unemployed could be avoided. He wanted every working hand to get productive employment resulting in economic independence for all and the overall prosperity of the nation without any substantial dependence on foreign resources. That’s possible by ‘Made in India’ and not by ‘Make in India’. The phrase ‘Made in India’ is a noun, a symbol of the self-pride of the nation and its industrious nationals whereas ‘Make in India’ is a verb, an invitation to the foreign capitalists to enter the country, exploit its resources and take away a major chunk of the resultant prosperity outside India.

Our honorable premier is an unproclaimed marketing expert who knows very well that in today’s materialistic and money-minded scenario, marketing matters more than the real stuff. His ‘Make in India’ slogan is in the interest of the foreign capitalists who are being cordially invited to enter India, establish industries to make the things by exploiting our natural resources and our labour taking advantage of the laws specially relaxed for them but he is propagating it as if it were in the interest of the Indians already marred by poverty and unemployment. It is being professed that it will bring employment to the Indians which is nothing but a hoax. The foreign business giants will invest in India to maximize their profits which will be possible by deploying more machines and less men and not the vice versa. The things thus manufactured will be sold to the Indians only by them with the prices covering their whooping profit margins. Spending some money for charitable purposes in the name of so-called Corporate Social Responsibility will not compensate for even a small part of whatever they will suck from the Indian soil and the Indian blood. Finally we will buy the things made by our raw materials only at exorbitant prices which will be nothing but ‘Miyaan Ki Jooti Miyaan Ke Sar’ (the shoe hitting the shoe-owner’s head only).

Now-a-days the world environment is not conducive to enslave any nation politically but colonial rule can always be outstretched by non-political ways especially through economic means. This ‘Make in India’ is a similar tool only. The way our great politicians were hell bent upon opening the doors for Walmart some time back not giving a damn for the ensuing unemployment and ruination of the small shopkeepers of India, the same way our so-called tea-selling premier and his courtiers are taking the country back to the era of economic slavery and sending the nation’s wealth out of the nation only. Centuries back, East India Company was able to capture first the trade and commerce of India and thereafter its territories too through the military power developed on the premise of its economic power which ultimately culminated in the slavery of the whole nation to the British. Those foreigners who went ahead to become our rulers also used to impoverish us by exploiting our natural resources and our labour to manufacture things and then sell the same for own profits. What else can we expect from the participants of this ‘Make in India’ campaign ? Is something similar not being done under the disguise of bringing prosperity to the Indians ?

In the wake of his immense popularity, the Indian premier can do anything at the moment carrying away the countrymen alongwith him because they trust him. But the Indian public has always been a trusting one for ages only to get betrayed by the trustees in due course of time. And then, it starts finding new heroes, new trustees in search of new hopes. This vicious cycle continues from one government to another and one political leader to another, bringing prosperity and ‘Achchhe Din’ to the ruling ones and not the ruled ones. If our premier is really interested in bringing prosperity and development for all including those who sit on the last rung of the ladder, then he should promote ‘Made in India’ instead of ‘Make in India’.

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About Jitendra Mathur

A Chartered Accountant with literary passion and a fondness for fine arts
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6 Responses to Make in India vs. Made in India

  1. Sha'Tara says:

    Great article, as usual, Jitendra Ji.

    At 70 years, having done some politicking, but mostly observing, I’ve concluded that all political leadership is corrupt and that it is impossible for such leadership to succeed unless it already is corrupt, or willing to become corrupt. This is true of religion, government and money. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. No way out of that conclusion.

    Question: Who’s really, at bottom, responsible for this situation? Those who stand to lose it all: the ‘sheeple’ who argue over which corrupt leader is to replace another corrupt leader. Einstein said the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over, expecting different results. There you have it. It hasn’t work, isn’t working, therefore it won’t work.

    Your car won’t start. You push it a mile, still won’t start. You call a friend to help you and together you push it another mile. Still won’t start. Your friend says, “Any idea why it won’t start?” You reply, “Well it’s out of gas.” “Oh,” says the friend, “then maybe we better push it another mile and find someone else to help push it further.” Is pushing going to solve the problem? Oh, it’ll move the car, but is that the point? Isn’t the point that the car takes you places, not the other way around? Voting for, supporting, discussing their pros and cons, and trusting, elected politicians to do the job they’re “designed” to do is pushing the car. My suggestion is, if you won’t pay the price for fuel, push the damn thing over a cliff and be done with it. Then walk. At least you won’t have to push a useless hunk of junk and waste everybody’s energy. Without a car to push on the road, you could even take a short-cut across a field… rest under a tree, listen to the birds singing…

    Could people live without politicians; without government? Of course. But they are either scared of each other, or they distrust each other, or they hate each other – in normal times that is. Give them a catastrophe to deal with and for a short time, they forget their differences and help each other, share food, clothing, water, space. Isn’t it interesting that in times of crisis people often help each other, but in normal times they need “Systems” to force them to interact in civilized fashion? What if, as I choose to see it, we acted now, right now, AS IF THE WORLD WAS IN CRISIS CONDITION? Well, it is, and that’s why the Media, the advertising, the entertainment, the politicians, whomever is “in charge” is going to such lengths to hide this fact. If people thought of today, anywhere, everywhere, as crisis condition, they’d be thinking how they can help their faltering neighbours instead of blaming them, fearing them, hating them, locking their doors against them or even killing them. The Earthian species is not only mentally defective, it is morally deficient and spiritually dead – exceptions noted if they can demonstrate they are indeed exceptions.

    • jmathur says:

      Heartfelt thanks Sha’Tara Ji for the very detailed comment brimming with rationale and wisdom. It’s nothing short of an article in itself. I am in perfect agreement with you.

      Jitendra Mathur

  2. Atul Kumar says:

    I hundred percent agree with your ideas.

  3. Sambasiva Reddy. G says:

    Mathur Ji,

    You are such a wonderful writer…

    I feel very proud to know you by person…

    What an understanding about today’s politics!! And the way you have concluded it is really awesome driving the point with force…

    Excellent …

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